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The Times of India Display Advertisement Booking Online

The Times of India display advertisements are in heavy demand for many reasons. Most important is the fact that The Times of India has one of the highest circulations of all English newspapers in the world, not just India. Second, its 36 editions are spread across the country and this gives advertisers of goods, services and events the ability the matchless ability to reach far-flung areas to promote their products. Another plus-factor is that display ads can find a place right next to editorial matter.

TOI display advertising can be of any size -- right from jackets and full front pages to inside full page, half page, quarter page, across multiple columns, custom sizes and smaller sizes depending on the budget. There are no restrictions on size or colour. 

Classified ads in The Times of India newspaper are printed in the classified columns of The Times of India and are of two kinds: 

1. Display classified ads: Less expensive than display ads, these ads can be printed in colour or black and white and even by uploading the ads in formats like EPF, JPEG or PDF.

2. Text classified ads: The cheapest form for advertising, these ads are printed in a run-on format.

Myadvtcorner is a well-established online advertising facility which saves advertisers a lot of time and trouble tracking down all the 36 editions of The Times of India, finding out their various rates and drawing up a budget. It must be remembered that each edition has a different rate based on its location and circulation, and that the same ad in the same size will earn a discount in the combined rates of the concerned editions. This is where the online facility, available at the advertiser’s own office computer or laptop, instantly, is offers vital help.

The Times of India also offers advertising opportunities in its different pull-outs. Each has a different rate but all are cheaper than the main paper. The pull-outs are: Times Ascent (deals with situations vacant and recruitment), Education Times (deals with educational matters including admission details), City Times (deals in FMCG, retail and other upmarket interests), Times Property (deals in property and real estate matters), Times ZIGWHEELS (deals with the latest developments in the auto world), Business by Bids (deals in business, tenders and other public notices), Soulmates (deals with matrimonial matters like Brides Wanted and Grooms Wanted).

So give your business a big boost through display ads in The Times of India.