Book ads in Times of India newspaper at cost-effective rates

Times of India Classified Advertisement

Circulation : 13047000

Language :   English

In addition to the main paper, The Times of India offers low-cost options in a variety of its supplements as follow:

For booking Advertisements in a four-colour glamour pictorial every day through (in the relevant cities): Bombay Times, Delhi Times, Lucknow Times, Bangalore Times, Chennai Times, Ahmedabad Times, Calcutta Times, Pune Times and Nagpur Times among others. Ideal for eye-catching display ads aimed at youth and those into modern lifestyles, movies and the like.

Education Times: For booking Advertisements in Education Times every Monday through - Focusing on students looking for educational institutions to apply to, attracted by the display advertisements of educational institutions.

Times Ascent: For booking advertisements in Times Ascent every Wednesday through - For Recruitment advertisements, Vacancy advertisements, Situations Vacant advertisements and those seeking employment. These are display advertisements.

Times Property: For booking advertisements in Times Property every Saturday through Property Advertisement for sale and purchase (real estate - LIG, MIG, HIG, flats, kothis) to-let/rent, on lease, industrial, commercial, institutional plots/factories. These can be classified (text only), classified display or display advertisements. 

Times Classifieds: For booking in Times Classifieds Advertisements every Sunday through Categories include: Property for Sale, To-let, Public Notices, Situations Vacant, Business, Tenders, Change of Name, Motor Vehicles, Medical, Lost-and-Found etc. advertisements. These can be classified (text only), classified display or display advertisements.

Times Matrimonial: For booking advertisements in Times Matrimonial every Sunday through Clearly intended to find the ideal Bride Wanted or Groom Wanted, by caste, profession or age. These can be classified or classified display advertisements.