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Business advertising means putting out various kinds of promotional material prepared and placed in various media - press (newspapers and magazines), electronic (TV, radio and internet), outdoor (hoardings and banners) and point of sale among others - to generate revenue from the sales of goods, services and events. The objective of such advertising is to inform the general public or target audience about what is on offer, then encourage potential consumers to purchase what in one way or other is on offer.

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Business Opportunity Advertising Categories:

B2B (business-to-business), MLM (multi-level marketing), partnership, investments, insurance, brokers, consultants, agents, home-based business, part-time and full-time businesses, dealerships, distributorships, machinery and tools, office products and equipment, import-export, business for sale, business offer and business proposals among others.  

Business Advertisements in Newspapers: 

Of the many ways to promote a product in various media, newspapers have proved most cost-effective in terms of return on investment. The choice of newspapers and languages is wide and one can place business ads in leading newspapers such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Punjab Kesari, The Indian Express, The Economic Times, Business Standard, The Hindu, Business Standard, Financial Chronicle, Financial Express, The Hindu Business Line, Mint Anandabazar Patrika, Daily Thanthi, Andhra Jyothi, Maharashtra Times, Gujarat Samachar and others among more than 1000 members of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS).

Formats of Business Advertisements in newspapers:

Almost all newspapers in every language follow the same three standard advertising formats and cost-factors:

 Business Text Classifieds (ROL) Advertisement: The cheapest classified ad is a simple black and white text roll-on format that is charged by the word or line according to the newspaper.

 Business Classified Display (Colour) Advertisement: More expensive classified ads allow the use of colours and visuals and is charged by the column cm.

Business Display Advertisement: This most expensive format places no restriction on size, colour or page and is also charged by the column cm. It can be used for front, back and third page ads and also full, half and quarter page advertisements. 

 What a business ad does for you:

Develops customer relationship: Your business ads in newspapers speak to people directly, who could be end-users of your firm’s goods and/or services. This is done most effectively by business ads.

Builds brand value:  Branding is nowadays most important for a business to flourish. Repeated exposure through newspaper ads adds to your business’ image – thereby building your brand. 

Business ad varieties:

Generic:  These ads could be ads just conveying general information to customers about your products or services.

Visual: Through such ads you could showcase your products – especially if they are fashions and tourist sites – and how well your services work.

Announcement: These ideally inform the general public of any new facet of your business which you feel should be conveyed to the multitudes who do not know.

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