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Circulation : 13,24,229

Language :   Marathi

Say "Good Morning, Maharashtra" by advertising in Sakal

"Sakal" means "morning" in Marathi and it is also the name of the biggest Marathi newspaper to greet Pune every morning. Launched on 1 January 1932, it has a circulation of about 15,00,000 from editions published in Pune (5,36,774), Aurangabad (2,00,762), Kolhapur (1,91,282), Mumbai (1,12,444), Nagpur (95,002), Nashik (86,443), Satara (41,750), Solapur (34,857) and Kolhapur (29,309). These statistics provide a huge incentive for advertisers all over the country trying to reach a Marathi-speaking target audience to promote their goods, services or events. Sakal newspaper advertisements are clearly the solution to their problems.

Ads in Sakal newspaper are economical but differ from edition to edition as well as from category to category in each edition. These categories include Matrimonial (Grooms Wanted or Brides Wanted), Property (for real estate for sale, rent, lease or purchase), Change of Name, Lost and Found, Motor Vehicles, Business, Finance, Education, Situations Vacant, Astrology, Computers, Retail, Services, Travels, Obituary and Remembrance among others.

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Additional advertising opportunities are available with the free supplements of Sakal. These are: Jobz on Tuesdays focused on employment opportunities, Pratibimb on Thursdays for major local content, Family Doctor on Fridays for holistic and ayurvedic health  news, Balmitra on Saturdays aimed at children and Saptrang on Sundays for the whole family. Each of these has a different rate but all are cheaper than rates applicable to ads in the main paper.

Most economical are Sakal Classified Text ads: Black and white text ads in a run-on words format, they are the cheapest being charged on a per word basis. At additional cost, it is possible to use enhancements like tick, colour, bold and screen to make them more eye-catching.

More expensive but still economical are Sakal Classified Display ads: These ads can be in black and white or colour formats with features for using images for enhancing the design. They can also be composed directly online by using simple templates and also from uploaded in PDF/JPEG/EPS formats.

Most expensive but still economical are Sakal Display ads:  These ads can be placed in any size anywhere in the newspaper depending only on budget allocations.

 While the above is a clear picture of the clear advantages of advertising in Sakal, to someone who is not in media or the newspaper business, it could be very time consuming – even with the Sakal rate card at hand – as well as somewhat complex. It would be far more easy to contact the free online service of the reputed advertising facility Myadvtcorner. Its fully geared media department is keyed to the latest positions of every newspaper of every language in India.