Book ads in Jansatta newspaper at cost-effective rates


Circulation : 1,10,571

Language :   Hindi

Jansatta newspaper: Published by The Indian Express Group, Jansatta is a Hindi language newspaper that focuses on the Hindi-speaking population of North and East India, being published from New Delhi, West Bengal, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Stir the mind by advertising in Jansatta

Hindi journalism got a new meaning when the newspaper Jansatta was launched on 16 November 1983 in New Delhi by Ram Nath Goenka. It was single-mindedly dedicated to reaching out to a large segment of the Hindi-speaking Indian intelligentsia. An entirely different meaning came to Hindi journalism as a result of this endeavour of the paper from the Indian Express Group of publications. 

Having a credible readership base in the Hindi-speaking belt of Northern and Eastern India, Jansatta is now headquartered in Noida. It is published with a nationalist flavour from Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow and Chandigarh and offers wide ranging topics for discussions and analysis in areas like politics, environmental issues, the economy, society and much more.

When advertising in Jansatta, you have the opportunity to choose a variety of categories. These include Matrimonial, Property, Change of Name, Business, Situations Vacant, Services, Announcements, Education, Tenders, Public Notice, Obituary and Remembrances among others. While each of these categories has a different rate, they are all very cost-effective when compared with their competition in other similar newspapers.  

Why advertising in Jansatta newspaper provides good value for money.

The circulation of Jansatta speaks of its popularity with its specific readers. That means advertisers get more value for money when they advertise in Jansatta to those readers.

Cities covered with circulation

Jansatta offers advertisers the choice of its editions in 4 cities: Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Lucknow.

To book advertisements in Jansatta newspaper, is as easy as when you book ad in newspaper of some other kind. For instance, like the others, Jansatta newspaper classified ads are also of two kinds: Text Classified and the more expensive Display Classified in addition to the most expensive Display ads. To elaborate:

Classified Text ads:

These are printed in a run-on word format as ordinary, black & white text ads. By paying more, one can use such enhancements as colour, tick, bold and screen for better visibility. Charged by the word, these ads are must be of at least five lines to avoid extra charges. 

Classified Display ads:  

These ads are more expensive because they integrate features like colour and visuals for enhancing the design. They can also be composed directly online through easy templates or uploading them in PDF/JPEG/EPS formats. 

Display ads are the most expensive of the three formats in Jansatta because there are no limitations on their size or colours.  

In case all of the above is too complicated to do and time-consuming to execute, one can easily contact Myadvtcorner, a well-established online facility with powerful media strengths in touch with the latest developments with every edition of every newspaper in India. So, if there is any rebate in any category, that is passed on to the advertiser without charged. This facility can also be used to ensure the timely and accurate publication of the required ad provided a couple of days’ notice is given. 

So, next time you have an ad to place that captures the mind, think of Jansatta.