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Kashmir Times

Circulation : 2,42,134

Language :   English

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Ads in Kashmir Times reach people of India’s northernmost state through Jammu and Kashmir’s oldest and most widely circulated English newspaper. Founded in 1954 as a weekly Kashmir Times became a daily in 1964. This newspaper is published from Jammu and Srinagar but is also very popular in adjoining areas of the states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and even Delhi. Because of its circulation of 2.8 lakh, it is a virtual gold mine for advertisers in places as far away as Kerala, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat who wish to reach those prospective buyers.

Pages carrying Kashmir Times newspaper advertisements offer wide-ranging categories. Among them are: Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Business, Announcement, Public Notice, Tenders, Services, Obituary, Remembrance, Computers, Astrology, Education and Motor Vehicles.


As with other newspapers, Kashmir Times classified ads as carried in the classified pages, are of two kinds:


1.Classified Text ads: Charged by the line, these black and white text ads are printed in a run-on format. Enhancements such as colour, bold, tick and screen for better visibility.


2.Classified Display ads: Charged by the square centimetre, these ads can have black and white or colour text formats with features for enhancing the design with images. They can also be composed directly online by using easy templates. Besides, one can also upload them in PDF/JPEG/EPS formats. 


Display ads are also charged by the square centimetre and can be placed anywhere in the newspaper with no limitations on the size, colours or pages – even the positions on each page. 



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