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A public notice advertisement is specific information published in the newspapers which lets the public know about matters that concerns them. Such ads are normally placed by individuals, government or corporate entities. There are no restrictions on the size of the ads which can contain text and images.

 Importance of public notice advertisements: The main reason for placing public notice ads in newspapers is that they have a wide reach, are adaptable across the country and are printed in whatever languages are necessary. 

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Kinds of public notice advertisements: By and large, public notice ads are concerned with aspects of property such as:

After a property deal: Since it is between more than two people, it involves legal matters that can be disputed because the cost of property is rising. Thus, a public notice ad makes the process more transparent.

Either parent dies without leaving any nomination: A public notice can avoid conflict among claimants to the assets of the demised.  

Family property disputes: Because property is such a major asset, there are many claimants. To clear the air, it is better to place a public notice ad which will later stand up in courts of law. 

Claim against legal heirs of property:  When very old people have been closely taken care of by unrelated paid attendants, a public notice will safeguard the interests of the family members. Only then can a case be taken up in the courts and registered.

Property on auction: Businessmen keep looking for opportunities to expand their business and look for properties which can be bought cheaply to make some profit. 

Public notice for investigating property title: Such ads are used where there is some doubt in the documentation of the property.

Cancellation/termination of property agreement: When both buyer and seller are not available to claim the property or it is disputed, the government uses a public notice ad to inform the public that it is in government hands and will be used by the authorities to either use or auction it.

Public notice ads for dissolving oral agreements between purchaser and seller: Such ads legalise a verbal agreement to part company.

Other public notice ads could cover:

  • Lost & Found Ads: These are to try and retrieve a lost possession or somehow get some compensation. 
  • Legal Notice Ads: These are issued when legal processes are involved to solve a problem.
  • Share Certificate Lost Ads: These are issued to inform the public and try to recover these or get fresh certificates issued.
  • Gift Notice Ads: These are issued to announce the gift given for any reason to anyone. 
  • Government Notice Ads: These are issued by government undertakings about projects that will have an effect on the public. 
  • Change of Name Ads: These are issued in two newspapers - one English and the other Hindi/vernacular – when someone's name is partly or wholly changed for whatever reason.
  • Change of Company Address Notice Ads: These are issued when an organisation shifts its premises to some other location. 
  • Divorcee Notice Ads: These are issued to announce the legal separation of two spouses in a marriage.
  • No Affiliation Notice Ads: These are issued by people who wish to dissociate themselves from some other entity.
  • Redevelopment Notice Ads: These are issued by local authorities who will redevelop an area where people may be affected. 
  • Bank Notice Ads: These are issued by banking establishments announcing various schemes or other matters relating to their business.
  • Tender Notice Ads: These are issued to find suppliers of the best goods and/or services at the most competitive rates.
  • C-Forms Lost (Public Notice Ads)
  • H-Forms Lost (Public Notice Ads)

All these public notice newspaper advertisements fulfil some legal formalities in order to find lasting solutions. The public notice ads for changing names must be published in two newspapers - one in an English and another in a Hindi or vernacular newspaper in which the Hindi/vernacular version reflects the person's true name.  The underlying principle, however, is that only a public notice ad published in a newspaper is acceptable in a court of law and other similar situations, more so when such a notice is published after an affidavit signed by a notary public has been prepared. 

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