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Q.: I want to publish a Public Notice in the newspaper. Kindly advise me the procedure. Please give me rates. 
Ans.: Kindly note that a Public Notice ad can be published in classified display and in display formats. It is priced on the basis of size and measured as per Minimum size of classified display advertisement is 3w x 5h and that of a display ad is 4w x 3h. The costing for a display ad is much higher than Classified Display. On the basis of the matter we can advise whether the advertisement should be published in classified display or display. To view the ad rates please select the category Tender - Public Notices on our site. You can take the help of the ad samples and design accordingly. Else we suggest you to email the ad matter to us. We will send you the proposed draft of the advertisement along with the final quote. 


Q.: I wish to release a public notice in 2 national dailies (one in Hindi and one in English) in Delhi.  I am sending you the complete matter in a word file. Please send me the cheapest possible pricing for printing this ad.
Ans.: The 2 suggested newspapers of a reasonable cost would be The Hindu and Rashtriya Sahara. Please see our website for Rashtriya Sahara Delhi and The Hindu Delhi edition Rates. However, you can see the rates of other newspapers also. We will prepare the advertisement and e-mail it to you for approval along with the size and the cost. On receiving the payment the advertisement can be released. Please note that there may be some legal requirements/documents in Public Notice ads depending on the matter to be published. We will be glad to advise you the details if you ask us. 


Q.: I have to give a Public notice in the newspaper of disowning my son from my property after his marriage. Please help me with the procedure.
Ans.: This kind of notice can only be published if we receive the matter on the lawyer’s letterhead duly signed and stamped. This is an essential document, without which the publications will not publish the advertisement. On receiving this legal document we will prepare the draft along with the quote and will mail it you for your approval. After you have made the payment the notice can be published on the date given by you. 


Q.: I have to give my Company’s Public notice advertisement in a Chennai newspaper. Please suggest me the newspaper.
Ans.: You can choose between The Hindu and The Times of India to publish a Public Notice in Chennai. This advertisement can be published in a classified display or display format. Kindly send us the complete ad matter at to prepare the advertisement and send it to you for approval. Thereafter you will make the payment and the ad can be published on the required date. 


Q.: The company wants to publish a Public Notice advertisement in The Hindu Chennai. Please let me know the details.
Ans.: To publish a Public Notice in The Hindu the area which will be covered will be the whole of the Southern edition and Delhi. The notice will be published in a classified display format on any page in a minimum size 3w x 5h. Please e-mail us the ad matter at We shall design it in an appropriate size and get your approval before being published. 


Q.: I am a Hindu and want to marry a Muslim girl. Is it necessary for me to give a notice in the newspaper of our Wedding. Please advice.
Ans.: Since this is an inter-religion marriage you must give a public notice in any national newspaper before 30 days of your marriage date. 


Q.: Please advise 2 suitable newspapers of Mumbai region. I want to publish a public notice of transfer of my property.
Ans.: The 2 newspapers would be ‘The Times of India and Navbharat Times Mumbai. The matter to be published should be given on the lawyer’s letterhead which is a mandatory requirement by the publication. In case of any further query please call us at 9810904604 and we can assist you. 


Q.: I have to give a public notice ad of my wife’s disappearance from Janakpuri, Delhi. Which is the best newspaper of you can suggest?
Ans.: This kind of notice will be published under missing persons. The supporting document required to be published a missing person advertisement is a copy of the FIR done without which the advertisement cannot be published. The suggested newspaper for Delhi region is Hindustan Hindi, Navbharat Times, Hindustan Times and Times of India, among others which have a wide readership and a good circulation. 


Q.: I wish to release a Public Notice in Times of India regarding Shifting of our Registered Office from Delhi to Mumbai. I want to know the procedure to publish Public Notice in Times of India & the rates.
Ans.: In response to your query, you have not mentioned for Times of India which edition you would like to publish. We suggest that the advertisement should be published in Mumbai & Delhi editions. To publish this notice the matter should be given on the company’s letterhead duly signed with the company’s seal. This kind of notice should be given in a national newspaper. Releasing such a notice in leading newspapers for e.g. Hindustan Times & Times of India would involve a very high cost. For any clarification u can call: 9810904604. 


Q.: Our Company wants to give a public notice to announce a Board of meeting which is to be held in Bangalore. How do I finalize the advertisement.
Ans.: Kindly mail us the matter on the company’s letterhead signed by its director along with the company’s seal. The matter will be designed by us and approved by you. The payment will be done and it will be published on the required date. In Bengaluru, the most popular papers are Deccan Herald and The Times of India.