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To Let Property Ads in Newspaper

Advertising in newspapers lets numberless unknown readers know about property for rent or lease. Booked in newspapers, these ads take wide-ranging shapes —  ranging from display ads covering full-page, front-page and jackets to ads inside that are smaller half-page, quarter-page and so on. The smallest ads are classified ads which are of two types and appear only in the classified page of a newspaper: 1) text classified ads which are just roll-on text ads and the cheapest; and 2) display classified ads which are more expensive and use colour and small visuals like logos along with the text. Such ads can also be included in rental property listings.

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Property for rent

This type of property does not directly belong to someone (tenant) but is a rented accommodation used by the individual on payment of an agreed rent to the owner of that property. Usually, a rent agreement is signed between tenant and the owner for a fixed period, usually of 11 months or longer depending on the owner.

Property on lease

This type of property is usually given to a company for a longer period of time. This could be a commercial property for which the owner and company sign a lease agreement for an agreed time to be extended or ended by the owner.
Property on rent advertisements depend on the newspaper. For instance, in the classified text format of Hindustan Times, 125 characters count as 5 lines. Thus, abbreviations are used in the newspaper ads. In case they exceed the limit, advertisers have to pay for the cost of extra lines according to the character limitation.


Rental property ads in newspapers — like house rent advertisements and apartment for rent ads — are placed by those who genuinely need the accommodation such as prospective sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords. Among big sellers are builders where real estate brokers act as intermediaries between sellers and buyers of property and therefore put in their own advertisements.


The two main segments for targeting real estate advertisements are: 1) According to area – like Noida, Coimbatore or Pune; and 2) According to category of property (commercial, industrial, residential, institutional, agricultural etc.


The reach of property to rent ad bookings in newspapers depends on the newspaper or edition selected. Some newspapers carry classified ads for sale and rent in their free supplements on specific days – e.g. The Times of India in Property Times every Saturday, Hindustan Times in HT Estate also every Saturdays.


The most important features of the property are detailed in a newspaper ad to make readers aware of these. However, to ensure the ad reaching the widest possible audience cost-effectively, the correct newspaper should be chosen made for a proper response.
To let property advertisements can be booked in many sub-categories like: To-let, Property, Accommodation Available, Accommodation Wanted, Paying Guest Accommodation, Service Apartment on Rent, Flat for Rent, Office on Rent, Independent House for Rent, Industrial Shed on Rent, Land for Lease, Showroom on Lease, Commercial Premises to Let etc.


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