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Prabhat Khabar

Circulation : 4,92,063

Language :   Hindi

Prabhat Khabar Newspaper Ad Booking Online

Prabhat Khabar is a Hindi daily newspaper that was launched in August 1984 in Ranchi, today's capital of Jharkhand. It is now printed by Neutral Publishing House Ltd in 10 different towns. They are: Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Deoghar in Jharkhand; Patna, Muzafarpur, Bhagalpur and Gaya in Bihar; and Kolkata and Siliguri in West Bengal. According to the relevant Indian Readership Survey (IRS) report it has a total readership of 75 lakh and a total daily circulation (as per the Audit Bureau of Circulation) of eight lakh copies in all the cities where it is published. Prabhat Khabar's circulation also reaches parts of Odisha.  

 A major regional newspaper, it offers diverse categories for advertising in its pages. These include: Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Tenders, Announcements, Education and Obituary among many others. Each has its own rate but they are generally lower than those in the national dailies. What is more, the newspaper offers discounts and combo packages periodically.These benefits are what make Prabhat Khabar so attractive to advertisers for target audiences in that Jharkhand-Bihar-West Bengal-Odisha region of India.

Why advertising in Prabhat Khabar newspaper provides good value for money

The circulation of Prabhat Khabar speaks of its popularity with its specific readers. That means advertisers get more value for money when they advertise in Prabhat Khabar to those readers.

To book ads in Prabhat Khabar newspaper, it is obviously essential to first find out the Prabhat Khabar advertisement rates. These rates would include booking Classified ads in Prabhat Khabar, which, like all other newspapers, are the cheapest in the entire newspaper.  In fact, advertising in Prabhat Khabar is possible in all three formats:

  • Classified Text Ads: These are the simplest form of newspaper classified ads. They are ordinary run-on line ads that can be enhanced through screen borders, ticks, background colours etc. and are charged on the basis of the number of lines/characters/words used in the ad.
  • Classified Display Ads: They are also known as column ads and cost a little more than Text ads. They can be customized by uploading logos and images while formatting font styles and sizes. These ads can be published in coloured as well as in the black and white format. These ads are charged on a per-square centimetre basis. 
  • Display Ads:  They are the most expensive and elaborate form of advertising having no limitations on size or colour, page or position in a page. They permit a great deal of creativity and the designs can be uploaded in PDF/JPEG/EPS formats and simply specify their requirements.

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Every day, the classified sections of Prabhat Khabar offers advertisers subsections covering various categories like matrimonial, change of name, situations vacant, lost and found, missing persons and public notices among the many.

The agency's media experts, in constant touch with newspapers of all languages across the country, are not only up to date with the latest rates of Prabhat Khabar but also any discounts, rebates or special packages for any category offered by the newspaper. Such benefits will be passed on at no extra charge.