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Prabhat Khabar

Circulation : 4,92,063

Language :   Hindi

What is Prabhat Khabar?

Prabhat Khabar is a Hindi daily newspaper that was launched in August 1984 in Ranchi, today’s capital of Jharkhand. It is now printed by Neutral Publishing House Ltd in 10 different towns. They are: Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Deoghar in Jharkhand; Patna, Muzafarpur, Bhagalpur and Gaya in Bihar; and Kolkata and Siliguri in West Bengal. According to the relevant Indian Readership Survey (IRS) report it has a total readership of 75 lakh and a total daily circulation (as per the Audit Bureau of Circulation) of eight lakh copies in all the cities where it is published. Prabhat Khabar’s circulation also reaches parts of Odisha.  


A major regional newspaper, it offers diverse categories for advertising in its pages. These include: Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Tenders, Announcements, Education and Obituary among many others. Each has its own rate but they are generally lower than those in the national dailies. What is more, the newspaper offers discounts and combo packages periodically.These benefits are what make Prabhat Khabar so attractive to advertisers for target audiences in that Jharkhand-Bihar-West Bengal-Odisha region of India.


Why advertising in Prabhat Khabar newspaper provides good value for money

The circulation of Prabhat Khabar speaks of its popularity with its specific readers. That means advertisers get more value for money when they advertise in Prabhat Khabar to those readers.

To book ads in Prabhat Khabar newspaper, it is obviously essential to first find out the Prabhat Khabar advertisement rates. These rates would include booking Classified ads in Prabhat Khabar, which, like all other newspapers, are the cheapest in the entire newspaper.  In fact, advertising in Prabhat Khabar is possible in all three formats:

•    Classified Text Ads: These are the simplest form of newspaper classified ads. They are ordinary run-on line ads that can be enhanced through screen borders, ticks, background colours etc. and are charged on the basis of the number of lines/characters/words used in the ad.

•    Classified Display Ads: They are also known as column ads and cost a little more than Text ads. They can be customized by uploading logos and images while formatting font styles and sizes. These ads can be published in coloured as well as in the black and white format. These ads are charged on a per-square centimetre basis. 

•    Display Ads:  They are the most expensive and elaborate form of advertising having no limitations on size or colour, page or position in a page. They permit a great deal of creativity and the designs can be uploaded in PDF/JPEG/EPS formats and simply specify their requirements.

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Every day, the classified sections of Prabhat Khabar offers advertisers subsections covering various categories like matrimonial, change of name, situations vacant, lost and found, missing persons and public notices among the many.

The agency’s media experts, in constant touch with newspapers of all languages across the country, are not only up to date with the latest rates of Prabhat Khabar but also any discounts, rebates or special packages for any category offered by the newspaper. Such benefits will be passed on at no extra charge.


Prabhat Khabar Supplement Advertisement Booking Online

Prabhat Khabar is a Hindi-language broadsheet daily newspaper published in Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. With a daily circulation of 8,33,547 (as of July - Dec 2013) as certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, it has the following editions:


•    Jharkhand: Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Deoghar


•    Bihar: Patna, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur and Gaya


•    West Bengal: Kolkata and Siliguri


The following Prabhat Khabar supplements also carry advertising which are cheaper than in the main paper:


•    Avsar: A tabloid weekly magazine aimed at youth, with articles on careers, world views, education etc., published every Tuesday. 


•    Healthy Life: A weekly magazine focused on health and health-related issues, published in all Jharkhand + Bihar (Except Gaya) city editions every Wednesday.


•    Balprabhat: A tabloid weekly with children-oriented features, short stories, comic strips, cartoons etc., published in all Jharkhand editions every Thursday.  


•    Family: A tabloid weekly that is a complete general-interest magazine covering current issues, general topics, art, culture, articles on famous people, health and astrology, published in all editions every Sunday.


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Because advertising rates vary according to the edition and there are possible combo discounts when the same-size ad is published in more than one edition, dealing with the newspaper could take time and a lot of trouble. Instead, from all over India, one can have everything at one’s fingertips by simply contacting Myadvtcorner. This is the online facility of a total-service, INS-accredited ad agency with a media team dedicated to providing free services like the latest Prabhat Khabar supplement ad rates and doing supplement advertisements in Prabhat Khabar newspaper


This online advertising facility is thus your key to Prabhat Khabar supplement advertisements

Book advertisements in Prabhat Khabar through   Book Ad Now! 

Q.: How can I publish ad in Prabhat Khabar?
Ans.: Just look on our home page for text classified ad, then SELECT category, location and PRABHAT KHABAR. Next click on Book Text Classified ad button. You will find all the packages and proceed accordingly as directed.


Q.: Can you book Obituary ad in Prabhat Khabar for tomorrow?
Ans.: Definitely the ad can be booked for tomorrow, if we receive approval of the ad along with the payment before 6 p.m.


Q.: I want to give a Remembrance advertisement in Prabhat Khabar. How can I send the Photo and content?
Ans.: All you have to do is click the Obituary ad section and select Remembrance, location and newspaper. Next click on Book Obituary ad button. Select the package. Either compose the ad or choose from samples provided (which you can also modify). Then upload the photo from the Choose File button. All details like cost of ad, No of ad, Ad size, colour/b-w etc. are visible on the right side there by now you can proceed for the payment. In case you want to upload your (own) ad then you can click on the Upload own Ad. We will get back to you after laying out the ad with the costs.


Q.: I would like to know the ad rate and required document for Name Change Ad in Prabhat Khabar?
Ans.: The rates are available on the top of the home page RATES. Only document required is the latest notarised affidavit


Q.: How can I book Matrimonial Ad in Prabhat Khabar and with best rates?
Ans.: Directly click the MATRIMONIAL tab. Click Prabhat Khabar, select city and respond to the questions thrown up by the website. Then select the package that suits you from those on the offer page. Now compose your ad with the help of the samples provided and proceed till the payment has been made. After providing any professional that may be needed, we will get back to you for final approval before printing.


Q.: I want to book ad in Bengali language in Prabhat Khabar, please help me?
Ans.: Prabhat Khabar does not have a Bengali language edition. To know the options for Bengali newspapers, please click on the NEWSPAPERS and choose from the list provided on it like Anandabazar Patrika, Bartman, Aaaj Kal among others along with their circulations and editions


Q.: What is the procedure to book online ad in Prabhat Khabar, all edition?
Ans.: For ad booking procedure please click - How to Book an Ad button.

At - fully authorised by Prabhat Khabar Newspaper - you will get instant access to the publication's circulation particulars, advertising rates, combo packages, editions, coverage and allied information in addition to being able to immediately book your ads in Prabhat Khabar newspaper. is the online newspaper advertising facility of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd., the advertising agency fully accredited with Indian Newspaper Society (INS) since March 1993. is the completely secured and easiest way to book Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Education, Business, Name-change, Public Notice, Obituary and Remembrance ads for any leading newspaper at the most cost-effective rates. These can be published as follows:


Classified Text Ads: These are cheapest and easiest form of newspaper advertising. With simple run-on lines, they can be enhanced online with enhancements like tick, border, underline (ROD) and background colours. Such ads are charged on the basis of lines/characters/words used. You, too, can compose Classified Ads online using our sample text ads and also edit them to your needs by pressing the USE TEMPLATE button.


Classified Display Ads: Also called column ads, they cost a little more than Text Ads. They can be enhanced with small visuals, corporate logos, images and formatting font styles and sizes. They can be published in colour also. You, too, can compose Classified Display Ads online using our pre-designed templates and also upload ads personally composed by you.


Display Ads:  While these advertisements cost the most, they give ample scope for creativity. This is because the size could extend to full page and spreads of even double-page or more. Our experts Expert advertisers can upload the design of their advertisement in PDF/ JPEG/ EPS format and simply specify their requirements.


Here's how you can publish an advertisement in Prabhat Khabar in your choice of category:

Select the type of ad - Classified Text, Classified Display or only Display

Compose the ad  using our online enhancements and verify it via our exclusive Live Ad Preview feature.


If any attachment like FIR, Affidavit, Educational Certificates and other legal documents is required, please attach your documents by pressing the Choose File button.


Select the category, sub-category or heading, as applicable, ad dates, No. of Ads and make the payments via our convenient online and offline options to receive instant confirmation.


The online payment options of consist of credit/debit card and net banking. Offline, you can choose from demand drafts, pay-orders, cheques and NEFT/RTGS (online cash transfer in our ICICI Bank Account).


You will immediately receive an invoice with details of your bookings and payments once the payment has been properly received. Now, once your ad has been found to be in line with the Prabhat Khabar's editorial policies, your ad will be published.


For any more information, you are welcome to visit the FAQ section of

Book advertisements in Prabhat Khabar through   Book Ad Now!