Q.: I want to book a recruitment advertisement in Times of India. The company requires a Manager, Accountant etc. Please advise me under which heading should the advertisement be published.
Ans.: The advertisement should be published under the multiple vacancies column. However, we will recommend you advertise under the job-relevant heading under situations vacant column of the newspaper to get a more appropriate response. 


Q.: Which is the focus day for a situation vacant advertisement in Times of India Delhi edition?
Ans.: Though the focus day is Wednesday, there is a package – Wednesday and Sunday in Delhi and on Wednesday in Gurgaon. This package costs less. For more packages, please see the rate column. 


Q.: I would like to place an ad to recruit primary and senior secondary school teachers in my school. Please suggest the heading under which the advertisement should be published.
Ans.: The advertisement should be published under the Academic heading. But in some newspapers where there are no headers, all the advertisements will be published under the Situations Vacant category.  


Q.: I stay in Hyderabad and want to place an advertisement of recruitment in Hindustan Times Delhi edition.
Ans.: It does not matter where you stay. Please select the Situations Vacant category, Delhi edition, and select Hindustan Times newspaper. In the text matter kindly put the address of Hyderabad so that the candidates know that this advertisement is for Hyderabad. Follow the simple steps and complete the booking procedure.  


Q.: What is the deadline for placing a recruitment ad in Dainik Jagran, Kanpur?
Ans.: The recruitment advertisement in Dainik Jagran can be placed on any day. The advertisement should be finalized two days prior to the planned date of the advertisement. 


Q.: I have booked a recruitment classified advertisement in Economic Times. Can it be published on Tuesday?
Ans.: The classified recruitment ads in Economic Times are published only on Thursdays and Fridays. You can select either of the days.  


Q.: I need to publish a classified display advertisement in the recruitment section of Hindustan Times, Delhi edition. Kindly send me all the details about it. The size is 3x7 sqcm.
Ans.: The minimum size of Classified Display ads in Hindustan Times is 3x4 – i.e. 12 sqcm. Please click on the classified display advertisement. Select Recruitment, Hindustan Times, Delhi. You will be able to see the rates of minimum size, you can compose the advertisement on our site and it will show you the amount and the size of the advertisement. Please follow the procedure till you make the payment. For any other query, kindly call us at 9810904604 or send your details to contactus@myadvtcorner.com 


Q.: For my recruitment firm I want to give a half-page advertisement in Times Ascent. Can you give us the rates?
Ans.: Our Company can give you the best discounted rates by negotiating with the publication on your behalf. Please send us the matter and your contact details. We will do the best for you.


Q.: My matter is ready but I do not have the time to go on your website and follow the procedures. How can you help me immediately?
Ans.: In this case please e-mail us the matter.  We will immediately quote the rates and send you the online payment link. You just need to send us the approval and make payment. The advertisement will be published as per the required date.


Q.: There are some overseas vacancies in our company. Is there any document needed by you?
Ans.: Certificate of registration from the Ministry of Labour, Government of India, is a mandatory requirement of the publication.


Q.: I had booked a recruitment package (2+1). With 1 insertion my recruitment purpose is solved. I want to cancel the next insertion of the advertisement. Please refund the amount.
Ans.: In a package booking the next insertion can be cancelled, but we are sorry to say that the amount is not refunded by the publications. At the time of booking the publications accept the full amount of the package.