Q.: Is it mandatory to publish a name change advertisement in a newspaper?
Ans.: It is compulsory to publish a name change ad in newspaper since it is a legal requirement. 


Q.: Passport authorities have asked me to publish a name change ad in a newspaper. One newspaper is sufficient or not.
Ans.: For passport purposes, you need to publish the advertisement in two newspapers – one national and one regional. The essential document required is the affidavit. Kindly mail us a scanned copy of it. We will prepare the text and send it to you for your approval along with the low-cost newspaper rate. On receiving your approval and payment, we will arrange for it to be published.


Q.: What are the documents that I need to submit to give a name change ad in the Indian Express newspaper?
Ans.: The only compulsory document required is a scanned copy of the notarized affidavit. The matter published in the newspaper should be the same as that in the affidavit.


Q.: Why is an affidavit required?
Ans.: It is a legal document. It is a notarized evidence of your name change or name change announcement. 


Q.: I have got an annexure E for changing my wife’s name after her marriage. Is this acceptable?
Ans.: No. Only a notarized affidavit will do.


Q.: Why do we need to purchase 2-3 copies of the newspaper in which a name change ad has been published?
Ans.: We ask you to purchase 2 to 3 copies of the newspaper for your reference as you have to submit the full page of the newspaper in your offices, passport office, schools etc. No newspaper cutting and no photocopy is accepted.


Q.: I stay in Narela and want to place a name change ad. Which is the cheapest package available? Kindly suggest.
Ans.: If you need to publish a name change ad for passport purposes, you need to go for a package of a national and regional newspaper. For Narela, a Delhi-based newspaper will suffice. We would suggest a Indian Express and Jansatta Delhi edition package or only Indian Express


Q.: My permanent address is of Delhi and at present  I am staying in Bangalore. In which location should I place the name change advertisement.
Ans.: The name change advertisement should be published in both the locations i.e. Delhi and Bangalore. We can suggest you Times of India for Delhi and Vijay Karnataka for Bangalore. There are many more newspapers. Please visit our site for list of newspapers and their rates. 


Q.: I am in US right now but my residential address is of Chandigarh. I want to change my name in my daughter’s birth certificate. Do I need to come to India or can it be done online?
Ans.: Everything can be done online. The essential document required for name change is the affidavit. Kindly mail us the scanned copy of the affidavit. We will compose the matter and get it published in The Tribune and Dainik Tribune for Chandigarh. Please arrange for 2-3 copies of the newspaper in which it is published by yourself or we will arrange to courier the newspapers to you and charge you accordingly. 


Q.: At present I am in Bangalore and my permanent address is of Delhi. Can I get the affidavit made from Bangalore?
Ans.: Affidavit is a legal document which can be made from anywhere in India or outside India. 


Q.: In my school certificate my name is Vijay Kumari, in Pan card it is Vijay Gupta. Currently I want to be known as Vijay Gupta.
Ans.: A legal document – an affidavit – is required to get a name change ad published in the newspaper. Please see the suggested matter:
I, Vijay Kumari also known as Vijay Gupta, w/o Col. Kishori Lal Gupta, R/o H.No. 00, Sector-00,  Arun Vihar,  Noida, U.P.-201301. Both are names of the same person. In future I shall be known as Vijay Gupta forever.


Q.: My son’s name is Dhruv Malhotra. He is 5 yrs. old. I want to change his name from Dhruv Malhotra to Dhruv Kumar Malhotra. How can I change his name in the school certificate?
Ans.: As your son is a minor, please get the affidavit made with the matter as suggested: (I, ------- Malhotra R/o ------------ have changed my minor son’s name from Dhruv Malhotra to Dhruv Kumar Malhotra DOB: 00, 00, 0000, for all future purposes.) We will get it published in any national newspaper. You will have to submit the newapaper ad page in the school and thereby they will change the name. 


Q.: My father’s name has been wrongly mentioned in the school certificate. Please advise.
Ans.: A name change ad is to be released in the newspaper. Kindly get an affidavit made with the matter as suggested below:
In my school certificate, my father’s name has been wrongly mentioned as Darmesh Gupta instead of Dharmesh Gupta. I, Dinesh Gupta R/o  ---------------affirm that my father’s correct name is Dharmesh Gupta.


Q.: What will happen after payment? When will the advertisement be published and how can I get copies of the same? How to know the date when the ad will be published?
Ans.: After you make the payment, you will get an auto reply from our portal confirming the payment. On receipt of the payment, we too will confirm via email the date of publishing, informing you to purchase 2-3 newspaper copies for your reference.