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New Indian Express

Circulation : 435,618

Language :   English

Advertise in The New Indian Express and give your business a new boost

The New Indian is actually a broadsheet English daily that on August 13, 1999 broke away from the old Indian Express which was launched in 1932 in what was Madras. Today, headquartered in what has become Chennai and covering the four southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala plus Odisha with 24 editions, it has a net paid circulation of 435,618 copies and penetrates as much as 24 per cent of the national population.


So, wherever you may be in India, if you want a newspaper that covers 24 per cent of India’s geographical area, to promote your goods, services and/or events, you would be well advised to book ads in The New Indian Express.


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For your The New Indian Express newspaper advertisements, you get a wide choice of categories in which to advertise – like Matrimonial ads for brides/grooms, Property for sale/purchase/rent/lease, Situations Vacant, Education, Motor Vehicles, Public Notice, Change of Name, Lost and Found, Tender, Business, Obituary and Remembrance among others. You will get different ad rates for each, in which some get periodic discounts, but, by combining with one or more editions, discounts can be availed of for a single ad.


You can choose from any or all of the following formats in which to advertise whatever goods, services or events you wish to promote:


•    The New Indian Express classified text ads: These are the cheapest ads as they are charged by the number of words used subject to at least five lines. They can be enhanced with ticks, background colours, screen borders etc. by paying more.


•    The New Indian Express classified display ads: These are more costly since they are charged in per square centimetre, and are published in coloured or black and white formats.


•    The New Indian Express display ads: These are the costliest and also charged in per square centimetre but without restrictions to size, colour or page.


With diverse rates for different categories in 24 editions and three formats, it could be a very complex and time consuming operation to develop an advertising budget, especially for someone who is not very familiar with the media in general and newspapers in particular. For them, the easiest method is to simply use their home or office computer to contact the well-versed instant online advertising facility Myadvtcorner.


As part of an INS-accredited advertising agency, this online facility has full access to that agency’s media section which is aware of the latest fluctuations in prices, including rebates and special packages, of all newspapers in India. Besides conveying these to the advertiser free of charge, if it is given a couple of days’ notice, it can ensure timely publication of the required ad in the required ad in the required edition of The New Indian Express.


So, if you haven’t done so yet, make a new beginning with The New Indian Express for a new outlook for your business.