Book ads in Navbharat Times newspaper at cost-effective rates

Navbharat Times

Circulation : 769,146

Language :   Hindi

Advertise in Navbharat Times and improve your business many times over

The well-read Hindi broadsheet newspaper Navbharat Times first appeared in what was Bombay on April 3, 1947. Today, with a combined circulation of 5,69,055 in the period January-June 2010 (according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation), this daily is the No. 1 Hindi newspaper in both Mumbai and Delhi NCR (which covers Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida) as well as Lucknow.

Navbharat Times newspaper advertisements are carried in several categories -- like Matrimonial, Lost and Found, Change of Name, Property for sale/purchase/lease/rent, Astrology, Business, Obituary and Remembrance among others. Each of these categories has a different rate for advertising in the different editions.

Navbharat Times Classified Text ads are usually published in the Classified Section of the Navbharat Times daily in a running line or words format. Various enhancement options like background colour, border and bold type are available for higher visibility. As the cheapest ads, these are charged per word.

Navbharat Times Classified Display ads are also known as column ads and are a little more expensive than Classified Text ads. They can be customized by uploading images and logos with formatting font styles and sizes. The ads can be published in black and white and/or coloured formats. These are charged by the square centimetre.

Ads for the above two kinds of classified can be composed in Hindi or English and will be published in that language.

Navbharat Times Display ads are published in any size or colour or page and are the most expensive of the three formats and are charged by the square centimetre.

To book ads in Navbharat Times newspaper, the time-consuming and complex way would be to either meet the edition’s officials or get the rate card and work out one’s budget oneself.

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So, wherever you may be, keep up with the times and push your products, services and events through Navbharat Times.