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Circulation : 3,32,387

Language :   Marathi

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Launched on January 14, 1948, Loksatta is a Marathi vernacular newspaper published by The Indian Express Group from Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, and Delhi. Its circulation was 2,84,789 in Jan-Jun 2010 while the total readership was 12.33 lakh in the second quarter of 2011.

While these figures are exceeded by other Marathi dailies, Loksatta has been recognised by the regional intelligentsia for its well-balanced, progressive and fearlessly independent style of journalism. It thus reaches the influencers of public opinion. Widely believed as "the principled newspaper", it is therefore an ideal newspaper for advertising goods, services and events. Advertisers believe Loksatta maximises visibility, recall and, therefore, response – resulting in optimum returns on investment on any advertisement placed by an advertiser.

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Publish Classified text advertisements in Loksatta online through to advertise at the most cost-effective rates or at the best deal for advertising. Not only can get you the publication's best offers, but also advertise in all its categories such as Matrimonial, Property - for sale and to let, Recruitment, Situations Vacant, Education, Public Notice, Name Change, Lost and Found, Business, Tenders, Medical, Services, Astrology, Motor Vehicle, Obituary, Remembrance. To advertise through, follow the guidelines and do it yourself online.

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Why advertising in Loksatta newspaper provides good value for money.

The circulation of Loksatta speaks of its popularity with its specific readers. That means advertisers get more value for money when they advertise in Loksatta to those readers.

Cities covered with circulation

Loksatta offers advertisers the choice of its editions in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, and Delhi.

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These advertisements can be in the classified text, classified display and display formats

Every day, the classified sections of Loksatta offers advertisers subsections covering various categories like matrimonial, change of name, situations vacant, lost and found, missing persons and public notices among the many.

Supplements: Loksatta has many supplements to choose from

Vruttant (six days a week): Actually, there are 11 city supplements that cater to cities/regions in Maharashtra – Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nagar, Nagpur, Vidharbha, Nashik, Marathwada, Uttar Maharashtra – covering local news and events along with latest events, business and entertainment.


Arth Vruttant (Mondays): A two-page special on personal finance with colourful charts, and tables and analysis explaining complex financial terminology in simple detail while providing in-depth business and financial news. It helps readers with tips to make better use of their money.



Career Vruttant (Mondays): A guide for youth on education and career options available. Also provides students with comprehensive knowledge of the procedures and processes of various competitive exams and career-building prospects in fields ranging from agriculture to information technology.



Tech-IT (Tuesdays): This special section on the back page of every city supplement focuses on the latest hi-tech developments from mobile phones to gaming consoles in the market. Also checks out the latest automobiles, car accessories, blue tooth etc.



Trek- IT (Wednesdays): The single-page special aims at all nature and trekking lovers. Also previews hot trekking spots across Maharashtra.



Drive-IT (Thursdays): A section on the back page of the city supplements every Thursday reviews the latest automobiles and two-wheelers, providing buying tips, ways and means of maintenance and upkeep of vehicles as well as with auto finance options.



Cut-IT (Fridays): A special page on the back page of all Vruttants that covers cinema especially previews and reviews of the latest in Bollywood, Marathi cinema and theatre – besides the gossip in tinsel town.



Viva (Fridays): A lifestyle supplement for modern young Maharashtrian women focusing on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, cooking, health, fitness, and relationships.  



Style IT (Saturdays): A special page on the back page of all Vruttants offering fashion and style tips to the youngsters, profiles of celebrities and their styling, stories, reviews and previews of the latest events in fashion weeks and trends.  



Chaturang (Saturdays): A well-rounded supplement for women which acts as their friend, adviser and a source of dependable information, it also deals with their reading needs.



Vasturang (Saturdays): A real estate supplement that focuses on various aspects of real estate – from commercial to residential.



Lokrang (Sundays): A supplement for reading by the whole family, based on its original slogan: "Literature, Science and Entertainment". (interactive section for children), Hasyarang (humour), Pustakache Pan (book reviews) and Entertainment.  



Diwali Ank (a special annual magazine) is a collector's issue covering various topics like politics, entertainment, sports, health, fitness etc. written by eminent Marathi writers and intelligentsia.



Loksatta’s distinctive Brand Events: 



These are Loksatta Yashasvi Bhava (a recognised comprehensive annual 10th standard study series), Loksatta Ganesh Utsav Murthy Spardha (GUMS) (on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturti), Eco-friendly Ganpati Contest, Maaza Dev Ghar Contest and Loksatta 999 (Navratri).



Since all the above provide massive opportunities for advertising, Loksatta newspaper advertisement booking should be a priority in the marketing and promotion programme of any business seeking to improve its prospects in Maharashtra.



Loksatta classified ads are carried on the classified page and are of two kinds: Classified Text and Classified Display. Loksatta is also a big target for those going for Display advertisements. However, since all the above – including the diverse rates for advertising in the main paper (and its different categories which have separate rates each) as well as the several supplements (which, though lower than the main paper are still different from each other) – it would be more convenient to engage the services of a newspaper advertisement booking service.



Even better would be to contact the instant online services of Myadvtcorner. It has a team of media experts who have access to every newspaper in India. They are not only up to date with all the newspapers’ rates but also whatever discounts are offered from time to time – which are passed on to the advertisers without extra charge.



All of which underlines the big reason to see that Loksatta gets the importance it deserves in the future of your business.


In addition to the main paper, Loksatta offers low-cost options in a variety of its supplements as follow:

Vruttant: For booking advertisements in Vruttant city-specific supplements six days a week through - For reaching readers in 11 Maharashtra cities: Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nagar, Nagpur, Vidharbha, Nashik, Marathwada, Uttar Maharashtra. These city supplements feature latest happenings and events of the city along with business and entertainment stories.

Arth Vruttant: For booking advertisements in Arth Vruttant 2-page special on Mondays through - For in-depth business and financial news, investments and personal finance with colourful charts, graphs, tables and analysis explaining complex financial terminology in simple detail.

Career Vruttant: For booking advertisements in Career Vruttant on Mondays through - For guides to youth on various Education and Career opportunities available to them by providing them with comprehensive knowledge of procedures and processes of various competitive exams and career- building prospects in diverse fields from agriculture to information technology.

Tech-IT: For booking advertisements in Tech-ITB, a special section on the back page of all city supplements,on Tuesdays through - For information on the latest gadgets, gizmos, mobile phones and gaming consoles launched in the market along with a review of the latest automobiles with reports on test drives, car accessories, blue tooth etc.

Trek- IT: For booking advertisements in Tech-ITB,on Wednesdays through - For all nature and trekking lovers which specially previews hot trekking spots across Maharashtra and also shares real-life experiences of trekkers and ways of conquering these challenging trekking destinations.

Drive-IT: For booking advertisements in Drive-IT, asection on the back page of all Vruttants (city supplements) on Thursdays through - For the latest in bikes and cars along with buying tips, ways and means of maintenance and upkeep of vehicles along with auto finance options.

Cut-IT: For booking advertisements in Cut-IT, asection on the back page of all Vruttants (city supplements) on Fridays through - Formovie reviews and stories in Bollywood and Marathi cinema, along with plays and performances and interesting tinsel-town gossip

Viva: For booking advertisements in Viva on Fridays through - For the young modern Maharashtrian women, focusing on fashion, cooking, beauty, health and fitness, lifestyle, and relationships along with tips to help women get ahead in life

Style IT: For booking advertisements in Style-IT, asection on the back page of all Vruttants (city supplements) on Saturdays through - Forvarious styling tips to the youth and profiles of various celebrities and their styling fundas along wth reviews and previews of the latest happenings of fashion weeks and the latest trends in the market

Chaturang: For booking advertisements in Chaturang on Saturdays through - For a women’s magazine that is a source of trustworthy information as a weekend supplement that addresses the reading needs of women to the fullest

Vasturang : For booking advertisements in Vasturang on Saturdays through - that focuses on various aspects of real estate - commercial and residential - providing extensive coverage of latest happenings in the world of homes and properties. Vasturang is available in Mumbai and Pune city only.

Lokrang: For booking advertisements in Lokrang on Sundays through - For a complete family reading Sunday supplement.

Book advertisements in Loksatta through   Book Ad Now! 

Book advertisements in Loksatta through   Book Ad Now! 

Q.: How can I publish ad in Loksatta?
Ans.: Just look on our home page for text classified ad, then SELECT category, location and LOKSATTA. Next click on Book Text Classified ad button. You will find all the packages and proceed accordingly as directed.


Q.: Can you book Obituary ad in Loksatta for tomorrow?
Ans.: Definitely the ad can be booked for tomorrow, if we receive approval of the ad along with the payment before 6 p.m.


Q.: I want to give a Remembrance advertisement in Loksatta. How can I send the Photo and content?
Ans.: All you have to do is click the Obituary ad section and select Remembrance, location and newspaper. Next click on Book Obituary ad button. Select the package. Either compose the ad or choose from samples provided (which you can also modify). Then upload  the photo from the Choose File button. All details like cost of ad, No of ad, Ad size, colour/b-w etc. are visible on the right side there by now you can proceed for the payment. In case you want to upload your (own) ad then you can click on the Upload own Ad. We will get back to you after laying out the ad with the costs. 


Q.: I would like to know the ad rate and required document for Name Change Ad in Loksatta?
Ans.: The rates are available on the top of the home page RATES. Only document required is the latest notarised affidavit.


Q.: How can I book Matrimonial Ad in Loksatta and with best rates?
Ans.: Directly click the MATRIMONIAL tab. Click Loksatta, select city and respond to the questions thrown up by the website. Then select the package that suits you from those on the offer page.  Now compose your ad with the help of the samples provided and proceed till the payment has been made. After providing any professional that may be needed, we will get back to you for final approval before printing.


Q.: I want to book ad in Punjabi language in Loksatta, please help me?
Ans.: Loksatta does not have a Bengali language edition. To know the options for Punjabi newspapers, please click on the NEWSPAPERS and choose from the list provided on it like Ajit Punjabi, Jag Bani among others along with their circulations and editions.


Q.: What is the procedure to book online ad in Loksatta, all edition?
Ans.: For ad booking procedure please click - How to Book an Ad button.

At - fully authorised by Loksatta Newspaper - you will get instant access to the publication circulation particulars, advertising rates, combo packages, editions, coverage and allied information in addition to being able to immediately book your ads in Loksatta newspaper. is the online newspaper advertising facility of Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd., the advertising agency fully accredited with Indian Newspaper Society (INS) since March 1993. is the completely secured and easiest way to book Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Education, Business, Name-change, Public Notice, Obituary and Remembrance ads for any leading newspaper at the most cost-effective rates. These can be published as follows:


Classified Text Ads: These are cheapest and easiest form of newspaper advertising. With simple run-on lines, they can be enhanced online with enhancements like tick, border, underline (ROD) and background colours. Such ads are charged on the basis of lines/characters/words used. You, too, can compose Classified Ads online using our sample text ads and also edit them to your needs by pressing the USE TEMPLATE button.


Classified Display Ads: Also called column ads, they cost a little more than Text Ads. They can be enhanced with small visuals, corporate logos, images and formatting font styles and sizes. They can be published in colour also. You, too, can compose Classified Display Ads online using our pre-designed templates and also upload ads personally composed by you.


Display Ads:  While these advertisements cost the most, they give ample scope for creativity. This is because the size could extend to full page and spreads of even double-page or more. Our experts Expert advertisers can upload the design of their advertisement in PDF/ JPEG/ EPS format and simply specify their requirements.


Here's how you can publish an advertisement in Loksatta in your choice of category:

Select the type of ad - Classified Text, Classified Display or only Display

Compose the ad using our online enhancements and verify it via our exclusive Live Ad Preview feature.


If any attachment like FIR, Affidavit, Educational Certificates and other legal documents is required, please attach your documents by pressing the Choose File button.


Select the category, sub-category or heading, as applicable, ad dates, No. of Ads and make the payments via our convenient online and offline options to receive instant confirmation.


The online payment options of consist of credit/debit card and net banking. Offline, you can choose from demand drafts, pay-orders, cheques and NEFT/RTGS (online cash transfer in our ICICI Bank Account).


You will immediately receive an invoice with details of your bookings and payments once the payment has been properly received. Now, once your ad has been found to be in line with the Loksatta's editorial policies, your ad will be published.


For any more information, you are welcome to visit the FAQ section of

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