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Circulation : 13,91,550

Language :   English

The Hindu – 137 years at your service

Started as English weekly in 1878, The Hindu became a daily newspaper in 1889 with its headquarters in Madras, now Chennai. From that south-Indian base, its publishing strength has grown to cover eight states which have added 19 more publishing centres at Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Madurai, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Vijayawada, Mangaluru, Tiruchirapalli, Malappuram, Anantpur, Nellore, Kolkata, Hubli, Mohali, Allahabad, Lucknow and Noida. With a readership of 22.6 lakh (as per the relevant Indian Readership Survey) and an average daily circulation of 15.58 lakh (according to the pertinent Audit Bureau of Circulation), it is India’s largest selling English newspaper after The Times of India. 

The ad advantage!

The Hindu, therefore, provides a massive opportunity to advisers to reach out to readers with such categories as Matrimonial (for those wanting brides or grooms), Property (for those selling, leasing, renting or buying real estate), Situations Vacant, Situations Wanted, Change of Name, Lost and Found, Tenders, Public Notices, Finance, Business, Retail, Motor Vehicles, Obituaries, Remembrances and various others. All of these categories have their own rates. 

Cities covered with circulation

The Hindu offers advertisers a choice of its editions in 13 cities: Chennai (4,31,621), Coimbatore (1,20,656), Bangalore (1,04,671), Madurai (79,065), Hyderabad (1,69,365), New Delhi (1,20,443), Vishakapatnam (76,898), Thiruvanathapuram (69,514), Kochi(97,722), Vijayawada (71,442), Mangalore (circulation), Tiruchirapalli (67,184) and Kolkata (3,26,738).

Book advertisements in The Hindu through  Book Ad Now! 

Through the years, The Hindu has developed a wide array of supplements to make it even more readable. These supplements are: Metro Plus (on five days a week), Property Plus, Business Review, Nxg, Cinema Plus, Book Reviews, Job Opportunities and others. For Sundays, The Hindu is loaded with The Hindu Weekly Magazine covering social issues, art, literature, gardening, travel, health, cuisine, hobbies and similar reading matter – along with Classifieds, Downtown, Retail Plus and Literary Review every first Sunday. All these supplements, too, carry ads but at lower costs than in the main paper.   

Therefore, to book an ad in The Hindu newspaper, it would be better to get the newspaper’s rate sheet. It is only after that that you can work out a budget. The lowest rates in the main paper are in the classified pages.

For booking a classified ad in The Hindu, you have two options: either1.) Classified Text ads with roll-on words or line; or 2) Classified Display ads which can be visually enhanced with colour and visuals.

On the other hand, you can go in for a display ad which can be of any size or colour and appear on any page and any position in any page – again, at different rates. 

Since the rates for all three formats of ads (above) are different, it will be better for you to check this out in detail. However, to save yourself all the time and trouble of contacting the newspaper, it will be much easier to just use your home or office computer to contact the instant online facility of Myadvtcorner. Its media experts are up to date with the latest rates of all newspapers in every language in India and also The Hindu. That includes any discounts, rebates and special packages for any category of any edition of any newspaper. Such benefits will be passed on to you at no extra charge.

Through Myadvtcorner, you can take the following easy steps to book your ad in The Hindu:

1.    Compose your ad;
2.    Choose which category that suits you best; and
3.    Specify the place and date you wish the ad to appear and make your payment.
The payment can be made by any online or offline method convenient to you.

So, in case you are wanting to promote some goods, services or events that are part of your business, especially in the English-knowing public of south India, think of The Hindu.