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Travel Newspaper Ad Booking Online

At nearly Rs 1,15,000 crore, travel has become a huge, nation- and globe-girdling industry today. From airlines and other high-flying options to road, rail, bus and other surface conveyance to water-borne boat and ship transport, there is no limit to travel business opportunities. People are there for you to attract to your travel operations. But how?

One time-tested method is by placing travel newspaper ads for the public to see. If you publish travel ads in any newspapers like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Navbharat Times, Hindustan Hindi and other such national newspapers' daily colour supplements, your visibility is extended to a huge extent. The advantages of travel newspaper advertisements over advertising in internet are, firstly, the cost of production which is very high with electronic media; second, flexibility in which you can quickly incorporate sudden or special offers in travel agency newspaper ads by simply changing the ad layout; and third, giving your reader the time to carefully read (if necessary, re-read) and absorb details of destinations, services and expertise (like Asian beaches, Alpine areas or African safaris) you offer – unlike the net ad which goes at lightning speed and there is no time for reviewing what was  flashed. Another big advantage of a newspaper is that it is always there in your house or office and available for re-examining what you may not have had the time for earlier. No one can expect such a facility from the net. 

Travel newspaper advertisements offer three options: 1. travel classified ads in newspapers which are simple, black and white text ads chargeable by the word or line (depending on the concerned newspaper’s policy); 2. travel classified display ads in newspapers which can be made more attractive with the use of colour screens, small visuals and other permitted enhancements; and 3. travel display ads in newspapers in which there are no restrictions in colours or size.

 To assess your budgetary needs, it is best to get the newspaper advertising rates to reach an appropriate decision. In case this process appears a bit complicated and time-consuming, you can place your travel agency advertisement in the newspaper through an online service like