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Tender Notice Ads in Newspaper

A tender is used by an organisation to get bids from competent entities to carry out specific projects or to get some formal offer, for instance, for a take-over bid. Tenders therefore usually mean the process by which large organisations, government undertakings, financial institutions and the like invite bids from others to carry out large projects to be completed within a definite time-frame.

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Such a tender could be a bid made for a project which may include anything from constructing and repairing to maintaining and even acquiring. So tender notices are placed in leading newspapers to make the contents known to as many bidders as possible. Tender advertisements in newspapers are very effective because of how far they can reach – anywhere in India and in English, Hindi and all other Indian vernacular languages. Also, all necessary details can be clearly stated in a newspaper ad so that there is no confusion among bidders for developing their bids with regard to the type of bid, the mode and the deadline for submission of the tender.

Tender notice text classified ads are placed in The Times of India, Dainik Jagran, Hindustan Times, Daily Thanthi, Gujarat Samachar, Anandabazar Patrika and other newspapers of India because these are the cheapest being charged by the word or five lines, depending on the newspaper for being printed in a roll-on word format. More eye-catching and therefore more expensive are display classified ads which allow use of colour and images and logos and are charged by the column cm. Most expensive are display tender notices which are also charged by the column cm but have no restrictions about size, colour or page. 

Why place Tender Notice Advertisements in Newspapers

Tenders are intended go out to as many people as possible to explore all options to select the most suitable suppliers of goods and services for a particular programme or project of a private or government organisation. Since newspapers achieve this kind of reach even in the remotest places where big companies also flourish, tender notice ads in newspapers are vital for getting the most suitable bids.

Tender notice ads specifically mention all necessary details — most importantly, the cost of the work (project). The place and date for collecting the tender, and the date of submitting it are also specified in a tender notice ad. Thus the ad provides a fair playing field to all bidders for an equal opportunity for landing the contract. That is how organisations are helped to make their best choice and decide on a reliable bidder.

Therefore, it is advisable to place tender notices in the widest read newspapers like Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Malayala Manorama, Daily Thanthi, Rajasthan Patrika, The Times of India, Lokmat and Anandabazar Patrika, Eenadu, Gujarat Samachar, Andhra Jyothi and Maharashtra Times among so many others in all languages of India.

In all these newspapers, one has the choice of placing ads in the cheapest text classified format, display classified format which is more expensive as it permits special enhancements and the most expensive display which have no restrictions of size, colour or page of publication. 

How to book Tender Notice Ads in Newspapers?

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Each newspaper decides the tariff of its tender notice advertisements depending on its circulation and readership. Therefore, tender notice ad rates even vary for every edition of the same newspaper. Invariably, the tariff rate rises to match a match a higher the circulation since one gets more reach and readership.

Most newspapers charge tender notice advertisement tariff on a per square centimetre rate. Thus, the cost of advertisement depends on the size one chooses. Usually, the minimum acceptable size is 4 cm x 5 cm, or 20 sq. cm while the maximum size is a full page which is about 1700 sq. cms. The cost of a tender notice advertisement varies even according to the page selected. If it is the front page of the newspaper, the charges will be higher than an inner page advertisement and even the cost of the smallest advertisement changes for the premium page.