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A situation wanted advertisement is placed by someone looking for a specific job, and is aimed at potential employers. While such an ad in a newspaper or on the Internet is useful, one in a trade magazine may reach a higher percentage of the target audience. When writing the ad, think of what employers want, and of how they could gain by hiring you. So word the ad accordingly. Develop different versions and test them on others in your field. Ensure including contact details like a phone number and/or an e-mail address. One big advantage of placing a situation wanted ad is that those who respond are possibly serious about hiring you.


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Situation wanted ads in newspapers can be of two kinds:


 Situation Wanted Text Classified Advertisement: This is the cheapest format as it is in the simple word roll-on format and charged by the line or word depending on the newspaper.


 Situation Wanted Classified Display Advertisement: This is more expensive as it allows the use of colour and visuals and is charged by the column cm.


With a ‘SITUATION WANTED’ category of vacancy wanted newspaper advertisement, you are the advertiser offering your service to people or organizations who may be in need of it. So keep the following key points in mind while writing a ‘SITUATION WANTED’ ad.


•    Do not cross the 50-word limit.
•    State the kind of job, area, timing and the locality where you offer your service.
•    Mention your educational and other qualifications along with experience.
•    Note the pay-packet that suits you.
•    State your age, gender and marital status.
•    Give your name and address.
•    Give your contact address, email or any other means of communication.
•    Put your advertisement in a small box 


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Recently Retired very Senior Executive from top public sector re-locating to USA. Available for liaison work. # 9810599310. Email:   Book Now! 


IIT Engineer, self employed 40 years experience looking for Managerial, Financial, Administration and related jobs. Email: 


25 years experience as HRD Manager handling recruitment, ESI / PF, Payroll, Administartion. Seeking HRD Manager job. Call: # 9400000000


Vice President Marketing with 31yrs. experience seeking the right position. Call: 09300000000 


Accountant available for part time VAT/ Income tax pending accounts, Book keeping etc. Call: 9800000000 


Available experienced Accountant for part time/pending accounts for accounting, balance sheet, TDS Returns, Income tax etc. Call: Arun (M) 9400000000


Part Time Accountant available for Account maintenance, filing of VAT TDS Service Tax return Balance Sheet finalisation Income Tax Return. # 93000 00000 Ram Gupta


Available Accountant for pending/ regular accounts & all taxation work. Training facility for freshers also available. Kalra 97000 00000
Q.: How do I compose the ad matter for publishing an advertisement in the situated wanted section. Please advise me.
Ans.: Thank you for  being on our website. Please take the help of ad samples to compose the matter. Still if you face any problem please call us at 9810904604 or mail us the details at    Book Now! 


Q.: I can see 2 categories of situation wanted and situation vacant on your website. What is the difference between the two? I am looking for a job and want to place an advertisement.
Ans.: Job seekers should advertise in the situation wanted category. So you should choose the situation wanted category to publish your advertisement. Situation vacant ads are when a company has to recruit employees.  Book Now! 


Q.: I would like to place an advertisement in the situation wanted category of Hindustan Times Delhi. Please help me with the procedure.
Ans.: Please select the category as ‘Situated Wanted’, the location as ‘Delhi’ and the newspaper as ‘Hindustan Times’. Two packages will be displayed one is only Hindustan Times and the other will be a combination of Hindustan Times & Hindustan Hindi. We would suggest that you opt for the 2nd package and click on the Book Now option. The next step is to compose your ad online, select the date(s) for the ad release and make the payment. For further assistance please call us at 9810904604 or mail at   Book Now! 


Q.: I stay in Bangalore and want to place a job posting ad for myself. Please let me know the suitable, widely read newspaper for Bangalore area. Kindly assist me with the rates and booking process.
Ans.: The most suitable newspapers for Bangalore are Times of India, Vijay Karnataka and Prajavani. Please go on our portal to see more newspapers for this category. You can now view the rates and start booking the advertisement. Compose the ad online, select the date and make the payment. Else mail us the complete matter to be published at and we will get back to you with the final quote.  Book Now! 


Q.: What is the deadline to book a situated wanted ad in Malayala Manorma newspaper?
Ans.: A situation wanted advertisement is published on all days in Malayala Manorma. The deadline is 2-3 days prior to the release of the advertisement date.   Book Now! 


Q.: How do I compose the ad matter for publishing an advertisement in the situated wanted section.  Please advise me.
Ans.: Thank you for being on our website. Please take the help of ad samples to compose the matter. Still if you face any problem please call us at 9810904604 or mail us the details at   Book Now! 


Q.: I wish to release a situation wanted ad in The Hindu all editions. Please design the matter in a minimum size and guide me on the mode of payment.
Ans.: Please  send us the complete matter to be published by mail. We will prepare the advertisement in the required size and will get it approved by you. Please go through the payment options available at our website and choose any of them. As soon as we receive the payment we will get the advertisement published and confirm it to you.   Book Now! 

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