Q.: I want to advertise in Prabhat Khabar on a regular basis for my products to promote sales. Please send me the offers and schemes.
Ans.: Prabhat Khabar is a Hindi language newspaper published daily in Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. The newspaper is circulated in several states and some parts of Orissa. Please send us the matter and we will let you know if there is any scheme available for classified text/display advertisements. There are no schemes for display advertisements but, if you have many ads, we can negotiate special rates from the newspaper. 


Q.: Our company is going to launch a health product brand in the market. In order to bolster the promotion and expand the influence, we plan to launch our products through newspaper advertisements. Please give us the best rates for The Times of India, Delhi NCR.
Ans.: The Times of India is a leading newspaper of the Delhi NCR region with a wide circulation. To promote your product in the market, classified display and display advertisement formats are the best to opt for. In classified display there is a scheme of 4 +1 for retail advertisements. There is no scheme in display advertisements and are costlier than classified display advertisements but these types of advertisements give high impact. But, if you have many ads, we can negotiate special rates from the newspaper. 


Q.: What are the charges for text classified ads in retail section in Hindustan Hindi, Delhi. 
Ans.: A retail advertisement can be booked in Hindustan Hindi at a reasonable cost. There is a scheme of 4 paid and 1 free insertion. To view the rates please click on the http://www.myadvtcorner.com/rates.php, select the category, edition and the newspaper.


Q.: Please let me know the rates for a display advertisement in The Hindu, Bangalore, to advertise about my retail outlet.
Ans.: The Hindu is a widely circulated newspaper of South India. Each edition of Hindu has a supplement named Friday Review. Only display advertisements can be published in this supplement. Our company can offer you the best possible rates. MyAdvtCorner.com is a secured and easy way to book advertisements for any leading newspaper at the lowest rates.


Q.: I need to advertise in Punjab Kesari all editions for our product promotion. We make cricket bats.
Ans.: To advertise about cricket bats we would advise you to go in for a display advertisements. For Punjab you can opt for Punjab Kesari or a combination of Punjab Kesari, Jagbani and Hind Samachar. Send us the company logo and all the other details so that we can give you the best design options. Retail advertisements attract the readers’ attention. 


Q.: I am into the making of naphthalene balls. I have opened a new shop. My budget for advertisement is very low. Please advise. 
Ans.: MyAdvtCorner.com is the online advertising facility to book all kinds of ads at cost-effective rates. According to your budget we would suggest you go in for classified text advertisements. Advertising your retail business is in itself an excellent promotional strategy.