Q.: I want to give an advertisement in Times of India in the Remembrance section with photo. Please let me know the procedure.
Ans.: Dear Customer, in which edition would you like to publish the advertisement? After you select the edition, location and the newspaper, compose the matter in the space provided. The photograph will be uploaded. Another option is that the matter and the picture can be sent to us and we will compose it. After taking your approval, you will have to make the payment online. The advertisement will be published on the desired date.   Book Now! 


Q.: I have to publish an advertisement in the memory of my late parents. Is it necessary to give a picture to get the ad published?
Ans.: Dear Sir, no it is not necessary but giving a picture in the advertisement is usually preferable as it is seen by all.


Q.: I am giving a remembrance advertisement in Hindustan Times Delhi on the occasion of the 2nd death anniversary of my father. Will you give me any discount?
Ans.: Dear Sir, on receiving the previous booking number, we can give you a discount  of 8% (as on 20.2.2015 which changes from time to time) on the booking of your father’s 2nd remembrance advertisement. 


Q.: How can I compose the matter of a remembrance advertisement in the loving memory of my dear parents?
Ans.: Dear Client, you can take the help of ad samples given on our website. Even while composing the matter you can take the help of ad samples as they appear on the same page in the newspaper.  


Q.: I want to get a remembrance message in Times of India Mumbai published on my father’s birth anniversary. We are sending you the matter and the photograph through mail.
Ans.: Dear Customer, a remembrance message can also be published on the birthday of your father. As soon as we receive the matter we shall compose it and send it to you along with an estimate for your approval. The final step is to make the payment and after that the advertisement will be published on the chosen date.  


Q.: Please let me know the process of booking a remembrance advertisement in Anandabazar Patrika. What is the deadline?
Ans.: Dear Client, to book an advertisement in the remembrance category in ABP you will have to mail us the matter along with the photo. The advertisement matter will be   composed and designed in the required size and sent to you along with an estimate for approval. After we receive the payment from you the advertisement will be published on the date asked for by you.