Best Offers
Q.: I want to book an advertisement in the property section of Hindustan Times, Delhi. Please help me to know the best rates and packages available.
Ans.: The advertisement can be published in lines or in box form. For a line advertisement, click on text Classified Ad and for box click on Classified Display Ad. Then select Property, Delhi, Hindustan Times and you will get the relevant rates.


Q.: I want to give a property ad. I can see the headers of Property and For Rent, but I want to sell my property. I am confused, please advise me.
Ans.: Under the heading of Property, both the matter of sale or purchase go. However, if the matter is specifically for rent or to let, then it will go under the For Rent category.


Q.: Please help me with some ad samples.
Ans.: Before composing the advertisement text you can see the ad samples of the selected category in which you want to advertise. Ad samples also appear as soon as you start composing the text matter of the advertisement in the space provided. They can be of immense help to you. 


Q.: Can an advertisement for rent be placed under Property For Sale column?
Ans.: If a rent ad is given under the Sale Purchase column the matter to be published should specify that the property is for rent or lease. A Sale Purchase ad cannot be given under the To Let column. 


Q.: Is there any offer available for a rent advertisement?
Ans.: Periodically publications keep giving their offers. Kindly give us a call or send us a mail at the time of booking the advertisement.


Q.: I would like to know the methods of payment once the booking is complete.
Ans.: Once you have booked the advertisement you will be shown the amount that has to be paid. The modes of payment available are: Debit Card, Credit cards, Net-banking, RTGS and NEFT etc.