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Personal advertisements in newspapers are not exactly what film stars indulge in. In fact, a personal ad is traditionally placed in a newspaper like a classified advertisement but more personal in nature. These ads are used by everyday folks for achieving much more simple everyday goals. They are to draw public attention to, for instance: selling personal belongings like furniture and pets, disposing of old electronic devices and selling worn-out electrical appliances. They can also be used for festive greetings or eating joints to advertise some new eatables. Personal newspaper advertisements are useful to consultants, job seekers, packers, transporters, suppliers of parts and services and so on. They can also be used to publicise events like the inauguration of a new enterprise or its branch. 

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Journals publishing personal advertisements usually provide a reply forwarding service – the text of the ad will have a distinctive box number so that replies are collected in an envelope bearing that number at the publisher's. At regular intervals, the publisher then forwards replies to the advertiser in bulk.


Personal newspaper advertisements can take any of the three standard formats of advertising:

•    Personal Classified Text Advertisement: These are the cheapest being charged by the line or word for a simple roll-on black and white format.
•    Personal Classified Display Advertisement: These are costlier as they are charged per col. cm, since they can be made more eye-catching with the use of colour, images, logos etc. 

•    Personal Display Advertisement: These are the most expensive as there is no restriction on the colours, size or page on which they can be printed.


Placing personal ads in newspapers in any newspaper from anywhere in the country is most efficiently and quickly done through the online service Myadvtcorner, of an INS-accredited ad agency that provides all sorts of free newspaper advertising services for personal category including the latest personal newspaper ad rates of all editions of all newspapers since all of these vary. 



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I Meena Roy w/o Lt. Col. C.K. Roy of C-145, Dakshin Estate, Phase-II, Kolkata at present residing in New Delhi declare that in the family pension documents my name is wrongly mentioned as Meera Roy whereas my actual name is Meena Roy. Henceforth I shall be known as Meena Roy for all purposes.  Book Now! 


Happy Birthday Nirmal Babaji ! May you have many more. Please bless us always. Thank you for everything – Anu


I, Ravi Kumar S/o Shri Satbir Singh R/o 160, Village- Khonda, District Ghaziabad affirm that in CBSE record my date of birth has been wrongly mentioned as 29.09.1998 instead of 19.09.1998


I, Manoj Bansal Resident of 24/23, Sector-2, Rohini, Delhi declare that my minor daughter’s actual & correct  DOB is 15.02.2013 instead of 10.02.2006


I thank St. Jude for the prayers answered. Naveen Dutt.


I, Sudesh alias Sudheshana W/o Shri Satpal R/o Mall Road, Sonipat Haryana -131402 state that Sudesh and Sudheshana is one and the same person. In future I shall be known as Sudesh
Q.: What kind of a category is personal category and where does it appear in the newspaper?
Ans.: Personal category ads include: congratulations messages for a job well done, on exam success, thanks giving, greeting friends and family on their birthdays and anniversaries. Personal category advertisements appear on the classified pages.  A personal advertisement can be booked under both classified (text / display) and display sections.  Book Now! 


Q.: My daughter has scored a very high percentage in Class Xth. I want to give a congratulatory message along with her picture in a suitable newspaper of Mumbai.
Ans.: This kind of an advertisement will be published under the personal category. A popular newspaper are The Times of India, Hindustan Times and Midday in English and Navbharat Times in Hindi and Loksatta-Jansatta, Maharashtra Times in Marathi for Mumbai. Create your advertisement online or else mail the content and photo at  We will design the advertisement and quote you the best cost. After your approval the advertisement will be published on the desired date.


Q.: I need to publish a birthday wishes advertisement with a picture in Sakshi newspaper. Please let me know the rates.
Ans.: Birthday greetings ads are published under the personal category in a classified display format. Under the classified display advertisement when you select Sakshi newspaper and the relevant category, you can review the rates and packages for all the editions of Sakshi. Select the edition display classified ads are charged on the basis of their size with the standard or minimum size of 3 cm X 5 cm. Create the ad design, upload the image and select the date of release. Finally make the payment and the advertisement will be published on the required date. You can follow the same procedure for other newspapers. 


Q.: I want to publish a message in a popular newspaper of Delhi to convey wedding anniversary wishes to my parents. Please advise.
Ans.: The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Navbharat Times, Hindustan Hindi and Punjab Kesri are some of the popular newspapers in Delhi. Under the newspaper choices page, click on the newspapers to compare their circulation figures and choose the most suitable newspaper. A wedding anniversary wishes advertisement is published in a classified display format. Create the advertisement on our website. If you want some more creatives then our graphic designer can help you with exclusive creatives. 

Book PERSONAL ADS for the personal communication goes beyond providing personal notices in newspapers. Through, the advertiser can personalise the ad to convey whether as a greeting, invitation, celebratory notice or any such distinctive notification.

Through, the text of the ad can then be written and then enhanced through borders, bold texts, background colour and other such visual devices in some newspapers. For classified display ads, you can see the sample or send us the material for preparing the ad through our own experts. This can be simultaneously previewed, edited and finished to your complete satisfaction. It can then be sent to for instant publication in the newspaper of your choice.

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