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When someone breathes his or her last, aside from internal matters, a most important activity is communicating the news to others nearby or far away. This is best done through obituary ads in newspapers because they are so flexible, far-reaching and cost-effective.   

What are Obituary Ads?

Obituary ads are paid notices placed in selected newspapers to announce the demise of someone along with related matter as follows:


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Details could include:

•    Name of the person
•    Date of birth
•    Date of expiry
•    Funeral venue details
•    Post-funeral rites details
•    Name of the relatives
•    A message to display

The three kinds of obituary ads are as follows:

Obituary Classified Ads  

Such ads cost the least and carry only text giving the minimum basic information like the name, date of expiry and names of family members. 

Classified Display Obituary Ads

These ads cost more as they carry a picture of the deceased with the text and other relevant details as above. They are more visible.

Display Obituary Ads 

These are the most expensive because there is no restriction to the size or page on which they can be published. 

One can place an obituary advertisement in The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Hindustan Hindi, Navbharat Times, Amar Ujala, Malayala Manorama, Anandabazar Patrika, Daily Thanthi, Eenadu, Rajasthan Patrika, Matrubhumi, The Tribune, Daily Aj, Shrinagar Times, Assam Tribune, Gujarat Samachar, Prajavani, The Telegraph, Sandesh, Sakshi, Andhra Jyothi, Assam Tribune, Mizoram Times or any of some 1000 members of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS).

The Newspaper’s Place in Obituary Ads:

Everyone who knew the deceased will not be available at the time but many would like to join the bereaved family as far as possible thereafter and to attend whatever rituals are observed after the funeral. This is where the newspaper plays a crucial part in informing such people of the opportunities to join the family. The obituary ad it carries will tell even remote people of the dates, times and places where congregations with the family can be held.

Advertisements for different Obituary Categories

Sad Demise (Death Announcement) ads, Bhog Ceremony ads, Chautha-Uthamna Ads, Marka Ads, Month’s Mind ads, Tributes ads, Birthday Remembrances Ads, Death Anniversary ads, Condolences ads, Sad Demise ads, Prayer Meeting (Obituary) Ad as follows:

•    Sad Demise ads are meant to inform people immediately on the death of someone – either at the personal or corporate level where the demised is of a very important personage of the organization. The announcement also informs of other details like date, time and venue of cremation/burial, chautha/uthala/other funeral services.

•    Bhog means blessing or offering of food in Sikhism. The ceremony, organised by the family of the dead person, involves reading the entire Sahaj Paath. The Paath is timed to conclude within ten days of the death and may be undertaken at home or in a gurdwara. It usually occurs on the day of the cremation and the conclusion of the ceremony, called the Bhog Ceremony, marks the end of the mourning period.

During the Bhog Ceremony, all the family, relatives and friends gather together on the completion of the reading of the Guru Granth Sahib. Following the final prayer, a random reading or Hukam is taken, and a Karah Parshad is distributed to those present. Food from langar is also served.

•    Chautha-Uthamna is a wake and usually takes place three days after a person’s demise. It is also called Uthhala, Chautha or Besna in Hindi where all the family, friends and others come together at a hall/auditorium to pay condolences to the family.

•    A Month’s Mind is a requiem mass celebrated in memory of the deceased about a month after someone’s death.

•    Tributes are expressing special sentiments about the loved one or other acknowledgments of respect, gratitude or admiration.  

•    Birthday Remembrances is celebrated on the date of birth each year of the deceased individual.

•    Death Anniversary celebration is like a birthday and celebrated every year but on the day on which a family member or other significant individual died. 

•    A prayer meeting is a meeting for the purpose of group prayers. It could be held in a private home, public place or large or small meeting place agreed upon by the group. Such meetings could represent more than one religious faith.

What to do before placing an obituary ad


•    Ensure you have all the necessary information required in the ad 
•    Carefully check the spelling of all the names and dates 
•    Decide when to place the ad
•    Double-check by reading other obituary ads to see if you are on the right track
•    Note any extra information you might like to add
•    Since funeral and post-funeral details are also a part of the ad, they must be accurate


Documents required for placing obituary ads in Indian newspapers


You must provide either an official death certificate or a death occurrence letter on a qualified doctor’s letterhead, you can send these by either email or WhatsApp to our contact No. 09810904604 or email the document to our official ID: is more than the online facility of the INS-accredited, full-service advertising company, Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd. the free media services for obituary ads, which include obituary ad samples, newspaper ad booking service. It also books obituary classified ads while booking obituary advertisements for newspapers online, publishing obituary ads and obituary display advertisements.   


So, depend on this facility at your fingertips to book obituary ads in every newspaper you prefer. 


Some FAQ's related to obituary advertisement:


Q.) I want to book an obituary ad in classified text format. Can you tell me the ad booking procedure for The Times of India Newspaper?


Answer: Please keep in mind in case of obituary advertisements you need to provide the perfect documents to the publication. The documents can be a death certificate or a doctor’s certified document. Therefore, at the time of ad booking for Times of India Obituary classified ad, keep the necessary document ready, as you have to attach it for the verification purpose.


Q.) What are the important documents required for booking an obituary ad in Amar Ujala. Also, tell me the complete process.


Answer: For booking obituary ads in Amar Ujala, you need to have the perfect documents, as you will be asked to submit the document for verification purpose.  Publications accepts usually a doctor’s certified note or death certificate. 


Q.) I want to release a classified ad in The Indian Express Newspaper in obituary Section. Kindly provide me your best ad rates with quotation.


Answer: As per your need, you can book your ad in The Indian Express Newspaper instantly through myadvtcorner, online ad booking website. In order to review the ad rates and offers for publishing an Obituary ad in Indian Express Newspaper, you can select obituary category, compose obituary ad page and select newspaper as The Indian Express and its Edition. For best ad rates, you can mail me or call us at given phone number.


Q.) I need to release an Obituary Advertisement in Delhi Edition of Hindustan Times. What will be the rates if I insert an image in the advertisement?


Answer: You can insert image in Classified Display advertisement in Hindustan Times Newspaper. These ads are calculated in terms of per sq. cm. unit and released in the classified section of HT. If you are interested to proceed with the booking of your advertisement, please visit the Hindustan Times Obituary Ad Rates Page. Choose Ad Type and Location where you want to publish your advertisement.


Q.) What is the rates for Obituary advertisement in any newspaper?


Answer: Ad rates depends on the Ad Structure, Ad Space as per square cm. and circulation of newspaper. Therefore, for the best pricing you can mail me or check ad rates at obituary ad booking page.