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Court Notice Ads in Newspaper

A court notice advertisement is to inform the public about specific judicial action or decisions taken or a legal matter concerned about an organisation or an individual. Such a notice could also be about a job opening in the court premises, a legal notice against an undertaking or something concerning court proceedings, which needs to be publicly announced. This is what makes court notice ads in newspapers the best way to do so.

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  • Demand Notice: If there is a dispute, then one has to normally give a notice to the other party before taking any legal action.
  • Summons Recovery: When one has to send a court notice to people who pay late or don’t pay, one can send this kind of notice which is used for people who come under the recovery issue.
  • Title of Land or Property: Such court notice ads are usually used against someone who is illegally using some land which might not be in his name and belongs to someone else.
  • Bankruptcies: These court notice ads are used to inform companies who have gone bankrupt and thus unable to pay the general public which had invested in the company.

Such court notice newspaper ads can be any of the following standard formats:

  • Text classified ad: This costs the least since it is in a simple running text form in the classified section of a newspaper. Text classified ads are grouped under the heading categorising the service or product offered.  
  • Display classified ad: This costs more because its ads have higher visibility and can be in both colour and black & white. It is bigger and has graphics and coloured fonts and logos for greater visibility.  
  • Display ads: These high-resolution ads cost the most as they are created to inform readers with maximum visible impact and have no limitations of size, colour or page. If necessary, they can include photographs, graphics, location maps and logos. These advertisements can be custom-designed for quarter-page, half-page or even full-page ads.

 Legal notices can be published in any of about 1,000 newspapers which are members of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) — including The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Tribune, Navbharat Times, Hindustan, Anandabazar Patrika, Daily Thanthi, Malayala Manorama, Andhra Jyothi, Maharashtra Times, Gujarat Samachar and Aaj among them.

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