Q.: I want to place an advertisement for my business in Delhi. Please tell me a suitable newspaper for the advertisement.
Ans.: Thank you for being on our website. The newspaper suggested is Economic Times Delhi which is one of India’s leading business newspapers. You can also publish the ad in Hindustan Times or Times of India which have the largest circulation in NCR Delhi. After reading your matter, we will recommend the most suitable newspaper even in the vernacular. In ET, the classified advertisements of all categories are published on Thursday and property-related ads are printed on Friday. For other publications, the focus day varies and we will inform you on request. Dear Customer, to see other options of newspapers please visit our website. Select the category as ‘Business’, the location as ‘Delhi’. A list of newspapers will be displayed and you can pick on the best choice of newspapers by viewing the rates. Then click on the Book Now option. The next step is to compose your ad online, select the date(s) for the ad release and make the payment. For any other query please call us at 9810904604 or mail at contactus@myadvtcorner.com


Q.: I want to promote my product /brand through Newspaper Ads. The target market will be Delhi NCR. Please help me choose the widely read/circulated newspaper for the advertisement.
Ans.: Dear Client, the leading English newspapers in Delhi NCR are Hindustan Times and The Times of India in terms of circulation. However, to expose to the Hindi audience, you can choose options like Navbharat Times, Hindustan Hindi and Punjab Kesari. It is advisable to publish the dvertisement in these newspapers. 


Q.: Which is the focus day for a business advertisement in Hindustan Times Delhi. Is it the best day to run the advertisement?
Ans.: The focus day to publish a business advertisement in Hindustan Times is Monday. Getting the ad published on this day can be beneficial in terms of a good response since there are more of business ads on that day.


Q.: I wish to publish an advertisement of our product in a Hindi newspaper. Please tell me the name of the newspaper.
Ans.: Dear Client, the circulation of Hindi newspapers vary from state to state and include Navbharat Times (Delhi), Hindustan Hindi (Delhi, UP, Bihar and Jharkand), Dainik Jagran (UP, Uttarakhand and Bihar), Amar Ujala (UP, Uttarakhand) and Punjab Kesari (Delhi and Punjab), Rajasthan Patrika (Rajasthan), Dainik Bhaskar (MP, Rajasthan and Hayana), and many more (please see our website). For assistance, kindly send us the complete matter to be published inclusive of the contact no. and email ID of the company. The brand picture should also be sent so that we can design the text in the appropriate size. A final draft will be prepared and sent to you by mail for approval. The advertisement will be released where you want on the date you want once you make the payment. 


Q.: If I book more than 1 advertisement in the business category of Times of India Mumbai, is there any offer available?
Ans.: Dear Customer, there is a scheme of 4 paid + 1 free and 7 paid + 2 free in this category. It is  subject to change. 


Q.: I am in Chennai and want to place a classified ad in the business section. Please clarify if I place the advertisement online, is it possible to make payment by cash?
Ans.: Dear Customer, you can book the advertisement online on our portal. We offer online and offline payment options on our website. If any of your friends/relatives are in Delhi NCR, the amount can be collected personally by our executive. Otherwise you can deposit cash in our bank account according to the bank details given in the payment options.


Q.: I have my company in Madhya Pradesh and want to publish an advertisement in the business category. Please suggest a Hindi newspaper with a good circulation.
Ans.: Dear Client, the leading newspaper in Madhya Pradesh is Dainik Bhaskar, which has a very wide circulation. Other popular newspapers in MP are Nai Duniya, Nava Bharat and Rajasthan Patrika. View other Hindi Newspaper.