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There are actually only three types of property in terms of buildings and land. These are:

  • Property that is owned is the kind that has been purchased by whoever has had it officially registered in his or her name and is an asset to the owner.
  • Property that is rented is not owned by the user who pays for its use at a fixed rate at regular intervals, usually every month, which is called rent.
  • Property that is leased is usually the kind of commercial erection in which some corporate entity is permitted its use for a financial consideration over an extended period for which a lease is agreed upon.

The most effective means of disposing of property is by placing an ad in the newspapers. These ads in The Times of India are as follows:

Times Property Display Ads:

These are of different sizes and depend entirely on a) how much information has to be conveyed; and b) what budget has been allotted for the purpose.  

Full Page Display Property Ads

Such property ads are used by large builders and corporations to reach bigger audiences. These ads usually mark the launch of major projects. They are packed with as much data as the seller would like to convey to a prospective buyer. 

Half-page, quarter-page and smaller display ads are also used depending on the individual seller’s needs.

Display Classified Property Ads

Appearing in the classified columns of a newspaper, these ads provide precise information on a property in a precise style.  

Times Property Newspaper Display Advertisement:

These appear every Saturday as a free supplement with every one of the 23 editions of The Times of India across the country. To appear in this supplement, the ads must be submitted at least three days in advance. They must be in the TIFF, PDF or PSD formats.

Book TOI Property Display Ad

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