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Appointment ads in The Times of India Ascent recruit the best candidates

When there is a situation vacant in a company, the most effective way to find the right people is to depend upon Times of India Ascent Display Advertising. Times Ascent is a free supplement published every Wednesday with every edition of The Times of India.

The publication accepts ads in black and white or colour subject to a minimum size of 8 cm (width) x 6 cm (height) or in multiples of 8 cm width. A full-page ad consumes 1,727 sq. cms, a half-page is 823 sq.cms, and a quarter-page is 400 sq.cms. There are no classified ads in Times Ascent.

Times Ascent Appointment advertisements allow one’s recruitment, appointment or job vacancy ads to be placed in any of 23 different editions of The Times of India as listed below (with the circulation of each):  

1.) Ahmedabad (2,09,605), 2.) Bengaluru (5,17,568), 3.) Bhubaneshwar (62,749), 4.) Chandigarh (85,000), 5.) Chennai (2,55,000), 6.) Delhi (11,32,235),
7.) Goa (50,000), 8.) Guwahati (17,901), 9.) Hyderabad (2,55,568), 10.) Hubli (16,332), 11.) Indore (12,643), 12.) Jaipur (87,048), 13.) Kolkata (2,86,037),
14.) Lucknow (1,17,992), 15.) Mangaluru (12,739), 16.) Mumbai (8,10,365), 17.) Mysuru (16,386), 18.) Nagpur (52,155), 19.) Nashik (20,000), 20.) Pune (2,80,906), 21.) Patna (39,291), 22.) Ranchi (22,626)

Times of India Ascent Recruitment/Appointment Display Advertisement

TOI Ascent Advertisement can be booked directly with the editions concerned but it is much easier to go through the online ad facility of Myadvtcorner. Every edition of The Times of India has a different rate but ads of the same size when published in more than one edition (for instance, Delhi + Mumbai) will enjoy a price discount on their combined cost. This is best negotiated by the media professionals of the instant online agency. All ads must be submitted by the previous Saturday of the week they are expected to appear.