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Display Tender Notices in TOI for the Widest Reach

A tender notice is an offer that is made to the public to bid for doing a task. This could include the erection, maintenance, repair, acquisition, supply of something specified. The ad could be put out by a government organisation or private corporation. The notice ad details the requirements along with the cost. Thus, those companies which make a bid can make their best offers permitting the tendering organisations to make the best selections from the tenderers. Naturally, the notice specifies where and when to collect the tender forms and also the last date and means of submission. These are most often carried by in various newspapers including TOI public notice display ads.

Samples of TOI tender notice display ads:

•    Notice inviting tenders
•    Construction of road  
•    Government tenders  
•    Property redevelopment  
•    Engineering services
•    Indian Railway tenders
•    Property for sale/to purchase 
•    Bank tenders 

The normal method of publicising the tender is to place a relevant ad in select newspapers. The Times of India public notice display advertisements are a big draw in this regard because TOI has 23 editions across India. Thus, it offers multiple opportunities to advertise in select editions -- thereby also providing the benefit of discounts that apply on combined rates for ads of the same size in different editions, each of which has a different base rate. 

Tender notice display advertisement in The Times of India newspaper can be in sizes ranging from a full page (1,727 sq. cms), half page (823 sq. cms) and quarter page (400 sq. cms) to smaller display ads and classified display and classified text ads.  TOI tender notice display ads make the tender details known to as many readers that the newspaper reaches. 


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