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Gain with Property Display Ads in Navbharat Times Newspaper

Property covers a number of aspects of the real estate business — including property to buy or sell, accommodation needed or available for rent or lease and much more. To carry out these transactions, diverse media can be used — including outdoor hoardings at the site, posters at strategic locations, even electronic media like TV and the Internet. However, the fastest, most far-reaching and cost-effective medium is the press.

Among the leaders among Hindi broadsheet dailies is the Navbharat Times (NBT). It is ahead in the Delhi National Capital Region — including Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon, where its daily circulation exceeds 4.23 lakh and a readership of more than 19.7 lakh) —  and Mumbai (with a circulation of 1.3 lakh and readership of 4.7 lakh) and Lucknow.

Navbharat Times Property Display Advertisement Booking Online

Navbharat Times property display advertisements appear in all the editions but the Navbharat Times property display ad rates differ according to the circulation of an edition. Still, a combo-rate with a discount is available to the ads which appear in the same size in more than one edition (for example, Delhi + Lucknow). 

Navbharat Times full-page property ads, Navbharat Times half-page property ads, Navbharat Times quarter-page property ads as well as other display ads can be published without restrictions of size or colour when creative visuals are needed to make the ad more eye-catching.

NBT property display ads can be booked in any edition of the Navbharat Times from anywhere in India without bothering to spend time and effort interacting with the publication. One can simply use one’s laptop to contact Myadvtcorner

This is the online facility of a full-fledged ad agency that has been fully accredited with INS since 1993 and has a professional team of media experts that provides free service through which an advertiser can not only find out the latest rates but also ensure on-time publication in the required edition. 

So, when you want to buy, sell, rent, lease or carry out any kind of property with the general public, just consider Navbharat Times.