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When your real business is real estate, you have to give it a real boost. Whether it is buying, selling, renting or leasing property, proper publicity alone will give it the edge you need. Of the media options (outdoor, electronic, print or any other), press ads in the newspapers will give it a new impact like no other medium can match. It is for this reason that the Hindustan Times real estate supplement, HT Estate - the free HT real estate supplement pull-out published every Saturday – must be seriously considered.

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HT Estates is a single-stop source of information about renting or leasing out, selling or buying buildings, apartments, houses and other kinds of accommodation besides land space serving for commercial, institutional, residential or even industrial purposes. Also, HT Estates also keeps sellers and buyers updated about the legal aspects of the real estate business. This is in addition to a variety of information on property or land value, the latest property trends, property loan rates and much else, thereby becomes essential for property advertisers to reach interested audiences.

HT Estate advertisements can be placed in any of the above although Hindustan Times real estate supplement ad rates will vary according to the circulation of the edition concerned. However, an ad of the same size when placed in more than one edition (for instance, Jamshedpur + Ranchi) will provide a combined-rate discount to the advertiser. 

Hindustan Times Classified Display ads are accommodated in the cheaper classified pages of the newspaper.

An HT Estate full-page supplement advertisement or HT Estate half-page ad, HT Estate quarter-page ad or smaller Display ads can be published anywhere in the supplement or even the main paper depending on availability of space on a particular date.

Real estate advertisements in the newspaper Hindustan Times can be booked directly with the publication. But it is far more convenient to save all the trouble and time of doing so by simply contacting the online advertising facility of Myadvtcorner which has been recognised for the professionalism of its media team. It can provide the latest information of rates and rebates, if any, free of charge. Besides, given three days’ notice, it can ensure publication of an ad in an edition on the required date.

So, make a proper impact on the property market by advertising in HT Estate every Saturday.