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The Hindu Public Notice Display Advertisement is Noticed by the Most Public

Among the huge range of public notice ads which need to appear in newspapers are: lost and found ads, legal notice ads, property public notice ads, share certificate lost ads, gift notice ads, government notice ads, change of name ads, tender notice ads, change of company address ads, divorcee notice ads, no affiliation notice ads, legal property right notice ads, redevelopment public notice ads, office shifted notice ads, bank notice ads.

In southern India, The Hindu is the biggest English broadsheet daily newspaper to carry them. Headquartered in Chennai, it is published from 18 locations across nine states and commands a daily circulation, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, of 1,261,658 as of November 2015. As per the Indian Readership Survey in 2014, it had a readership of 1.6  million people and was the third most widely read English newspaper in India (after The Times of India and Hindustan Times). It is the most widely read English daily newspaper in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The Hindu Public and Tender Notice Display Advertisement Booking Online

The Hindu newspaper classified ad booking for public notices are accepted for both the low-cost classified text ads as well as the classified display ads. Similarly, public and tender notice display ads in The Hindu are carried without restrictions in size and colour. 

The Hindu tender notice display ads as well as The Hindu public notice full-page, half-page and quarter-page ads can be most conveniently placed through the online advertising facility Myadvtcorner which is an arm of a full-fledged INS-accredited ad agency. Its up-to-date professional media department provides a variety of free services ranging from getting combo-rate discounts to ensuring the timely printing of ads.

Since notices and tender ads are an important part of legal explanations, they are mainly published for the general public to know about new changes or developments. Therefore, think of The Hindu for an all-India coverage.