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The Hindu Display Advertisements online cover the South better

Launched in 1878, the English newspaper The Hindu became a daily broadsheet in 1889. After the Times of India and Hindustan Times, it is the third most widely read English newspaper in India. As per the Indian Readership Survey in 2014, it had a readership of 1.6 million people. It is the second most circulated English-language newspaper in India, having a daily circulation of 1,261,658 (as of November 2015).  The newspaper’s biggest circulation base is in South India and it is Tamil Nadu and Kerala’s most widely read English daily. Its edition location and circulation details are:
1.) Ahmedabad: 10,871,  2.) Bengaluru: 1,06,811, 3.) Chennai: 3,97,868, 4.) Coimbatore: 1,09,248, 5.) Hubballi (Hubli): 17,406, 6.) Hyderabad: 1,61,688,
7.) Kochi: 75,089, 8.) Kolkata: 23,515, 9.) Kozhikode: 34,141, 10.) Lucknow: 7,848, 11.) Madurai: 76,865, 12.) Mangaluru: 17,467, 13.) Mohali: 14,373, 14.) Noida: 1,12,712, 15.) Thiruvananthapuram: 70,209, 16.) Tiruchirapalli: 49,283, 17.) Vijayawada: 65,290, 18. Visakhapatnam: 65,808

The Hindu Newspaper Display Ads | Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page Advertisement

 Hindu Display Advertisement Rates: All editions offer advertising possibilities under wide-ranging categories – like Property, Public Notice, Tender Notice, Recruitment, Obituary, Remembrance, Education and much more. However, the rates vary according to edition and location. Still, ads of the same size without change in content when placed in more than one edition (for example: Chennai and Bengaluru) will benefit the advertiser in a combined rate reduction. Imagine the benefit of placing a company’s general body meeting in all or most of The Hindu’s editions!

The Hindu classified advertisement bookings can be done for both classified text ads (which are the cheapest) and the more expensive classified display ads online.

The Hindu full-page ad cost are the most expensive in the paper but there is no restriction to their size or the page on which they are to be printed – front page, back page 3rd page – or any position on any page if the space is available. 

The Hindu full-page ads, The Hindu half-page ads, The Hindu quarter-page ads and other display ads become cost-effective if viewed in terms of the reach of The Hindu and its massive readership. 

From anywhere in India, the easiest way to get all assistant in related matters is to contact the online advertising facility Myadvtcorner with its full-fledged media department which will provide free guidance with regard to rates, terms and conditions including any periodic category rebates besides, if given sufficient notice, ensure timely publication of advertisements.

However, you can go through this facility to The Hindu to book your ad with three simple steps online:

1. Select Display Ads type and proceed.
2. Select a Newspaper and its Edition,Choose Package according to your budget 
3. Design your ad with details, select date and make payment.

You can make payment for your advertisement in The Hindu online or offline. You will receive an e-mail with details and an invoice confirming your ad booking when the payment is credited to our bank account.

If that looks easy, go ahead and make The Hindu your torchbearer in the south of whatever goods, services or events you wish to promote from anywhere in India.