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Remembrance | Death Anniversary Classified Advertisement Booking Online

A remembrance ad (for example, for Besna, Chautha-Uthamna, Death, Hashkaba, Seventh Day Mass, Bhog Ceremony, Death Acknowledgement, In Memoriam, Tributes, Death Anniversary and Rasam Pagdi) helps people to recall memories associated with a person who is no more. It is placed in the most appropriate newspaper on significant dates – like the birth and/or death anniversaries of the deceased. The family places such ads to share their thoughts while commemorating the occasion by expressing deep thoughts, paying homage to the departed and initiating collective recall. This is best done through a remembrance classified ad.


The least expensive form of remembrance text classified advertisements are simply charged on the basis of the number of lines, words or characters used in the composition of the advertisement (depending on each newspaper’s policy). Text ads are straight forward, run-on line (ROL) advertisements which are the simplest way of remembrance advertising. These can be enhanced at a slight additional expense with the use of bold type, background colour, tick mark or outline for higher visibility.


From all over India, the easiest and smoothest way to place classified remembrance ads in newspapers is through Myadvtcorner, the online facility of an INS-accredited ad agency which offers free services like remembrance classified ad rates or providing remembrance classified ad samples while doing remembrance classified advertisement booking online and booking death anniversary classified advertisements as well as newspaper remembrance classified advertisements.