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People change names for many reasons – like a woman after marriage, or if she divorces and remarries, for spelling errors in the school-leaving certificate, religious or numerological persuasions, changing professions (like joining films) or even a personal fancy. But, whatever it is, there are three mandatory steps to be taken for authorising the name change to be made legal. These are:


1. Affidavit Submission: An affidavit needs to be prepared for the change of name.


2. Ad Publication: An announcement to this effect should be published in the newspapers.


3. Gazette Notification: A notification should be published in the Gazette of India regarding the name change.


Therefore, it is essential to first go to a notary public who will prepare an affidavit on a stamped paper in a standard form. A copy of this affidavit must be taken to two newspapers – on English national daily, and the other a local vernacular daily for placing a name change classified ad. Only then can one complete the process through publication in the Gazette of India.


Since the ad is only a formality, one can use the cheapest newspaper and lowest costing name change text classified advertisement for the purpose. The text ads are simply charged on the basis of the number of lines, words or characters used in the composition of the advertisement (depending on each newspaper’s policy). Text ads are straight forward, run-on line (ROL) advertisements which are the simplest way to convey the message.


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