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Advertising in Assam newspapers is instantly possible through online booking of leading newspaper classifieds and display adsMyadvtcorner is the online ad booking portal of an INS-accredited ad agency which provides a better and faster method than depending on the usual advertising agencies which do not have this facility.

This instant facility at your fingertips makes it possible to book classified ads for Assam newspapers, in leading Assam newspapers such as Assam Tribune
 among others.

There are special packages with exclusive rates to be availed of while booking your Assam classified advertisements online. These can be placed without tensions for such categories as: Matrimonial, Situations Vacant, Obituary, Remembrance, Property, Automobiles, Business, Public Notice, Tender Notice, Tours and Travels and many more.

Booking newspaper ads in Assam, online through Myadvtcorner offer big benefits: These include free services such as the latest newspaper ad rates for Assam, Assam newspaper classified ad booking online and booking ads in newspapers for Assam.

Instant, online, hassle-free booking of classified ads in newspapers Assam through 3 easy steps - select Ad Category, and click on Location, Multiple Newspapers while choosing Assam as your state and city. Create a customised Assam ad and opt for an instant preview even while booking the ad. Clear payments via a secured online mode (or offline payment modes) and get instant confirmation for the Assam classified advertisement booking.

Customisation of ads is possible only if one chooses Classified Display as the ad type for Matrimonial Ads, Assam Job Classified Ads, Assam Obituary ads, Assam Name Change ads, Assam Property ads etc. The payment will be on a sq. cm. basis because this allows the use of various eye-catching enhancements. Or one can save with Classified Text for a simple run-on-line (ROL) Assam newspaper ad which is the cheapest format, being charged by the word, or line of up to six lines.