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Amar Ujala Public Notice Display Advertisements Make a Big Impact

Public notice ads take diverse forms. Among the many are: government notice ads, public property notice ads, tender notice ads, legal notice ads, bank notice ads, lost and found ads, share certificate lost ads, gift notice ads, change of name ads, change of company address ads, office shifted notice ads, divorcee notice ads, no affiliation notice ads, legal property right notice ads and redevelopment public notice ads.

Since such ads are for public notice, they are best placed in newspapers with wide circulations. Among the Hindi newspapers with good circulations is the Amar Ujala broadsheet daily. From its modern headquarters in Noida, it covers 167 districts of the country while reaching across North India’s Hindi belt of seven states and one union territory with 19 editions. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, Amar Ujala’s daily circulation was 2,490,639 as of November 2015 while the 2013 Indian Readership Survey placed its daily readership at 5.51 million, giving it the 12th-largest daily readership among India’s newspapers. 

Amar Ujala’s editions’ rates vary but combo-discounts become available when the same ads of the same size are published in more than one edition — for example, Kanpur and Lucknow. Such complexities can take time to work out when dealing directly with a newspaper with so many editions. Therefore, it is far easier to directly deal with it through Myadvtcorner, the online facility of the total-service ad agency which has been fully INS-accredited since 1993. Its professional media team provides such free services as bringing advertisers up-to-date with the latest rates and helping the publication of advertisements.

Thus, this facility is ideal for placing display ads in Amar Ujala newspaper for public notice or tender notice display advertisements in Amar Ujala Newspaper. The same facility can be used to ease placing public notice and tender notice full-page, half-page and quarter-page ads in Amar Ujala.

So, when it comes to Amar Ujala newspaper ad booking for tender notice ads or any other notice for the public, depend on this online facility.