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Navbharat Times Name Change Classified Advertisement Booking Online

People change names for many reasons. These include:


• Change of name after marriage for women

• Change of name after divorce in case of a re-marriage

• Change of name in birth certificate and school leaving certificate

• Change of name due to spelling mistakes in old name

• Change of a child in case of an adoption

• Change of name due to numerology or astrology

• Change of name in case of change in religion

• Change of name due to new profession like films

• Change of name due to personal fancy


To legalise this change of name, one has to first prepare an affidavit through a notary public, then, with copies of this affidavit, place ads in a local and a national newspaper, before taking the ads for announcement in the Official Gazette.


Navbharat Times (NBT) is one of the widest circulated and largest read broadsheet Hindi newspapers of Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. It is from the stable of Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd, which also publishes dailies like The Times of India, The Economic Times and Maharashtra Times. NBT’s circulation is 4.23 lakh-odd copies (source: JJ-10, ABC India) in Delhi and a readership of 19.7 lakh readers.


It carries ads in the following formats:


• Navbharat Times Name Change Classified Text: These are the cheapest, being simple text run-on-line (ROL) ads and charged by the word or line.

• Navbharat Times Name Change Classified Display: These are costlier since they allow enhancements using colour, visuals and logos and are charged by the


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