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Hindustan Times Matrimonial Classified Advertisement Booking Online

To find a suitable bride or groom, one of the best ways is to place a matrimonial ad in a newspaper with a wide reach and reputation. Headquartered in Delhi, Hindustan Times is an English broadsheet daily newspaper that is popular in North India, having editions from New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal and Chandigarh and a daily circulation of 1,301,139 (as of Jul-Dec 2015) as per the Audit Bureau of Circulations. It carries matrimonial ads every Sunday as follows:


Matrimonial Classified Text Ads: Also known as run-on-line (ROL) ads, are the simplest form of advertising and the cheapest as the charge is on the basis of number of words, and lines used in the text. At extra cost, it can be enhanced by background colour, bold text, tick and screen border.


Matrimonial Classified Display Ads: These are more impressive because of the use of colour and visuals and cost more being charged on the basis of per square cm.


To economise on cost where charges are on the basis of number of lines/words/characters used, some accepted abbreviations are now in use. These include: Beautiful (Bful), Handsome (Hsome), Suitable Match For (SM4), Professionally Qualified Match (PQM), Biodata/Horoscope/Photograph (BHP), Educated (Edu), Engineer (Engr), Family (fmly), Working (wrkg), Lakh Per Annum (LPA), Mangalik (mglk), Vegetarian (Veg) among others.


From all over India, to place a matrimonial advertisement in Hindustan Times newspaper, the simplest and fastest way is through Myadvtcorner the online ad agency which provides free services for HT matrimonial advertisements, like the latest Hindustan Times matrimonial ad rates, which vary by the edition and provide Hindustan Times matrimonial ad samples of HT bride wanted ads, and HT groom wanted ads and book Hindustan Times matrimonial ads.