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Public Notice Ad
Public Notice Ad

Book Public Notice Ads in The Economic Times Newspaper Online 

Public Notice Advertisement can be booked in The Economic Times Newspaper for various purposes that is given below:

  • Property Notice: Legal notice advertisement is booked to inform those concerned of the latest deals regarding a particular property in order to avoid future disputes.
  • Bank Notice: A bank notice is a sort of legal notice advertisement booked by a banking establishment to proclaim shift in location, new schemes etc.
  • Loss of Share Certificate: Loss of certificate is published in a newspaper to retrieve the lost document - or at least derive an alternative, replacement or compensation for the loss of essential documents.
  • Company Notice: A company may publish a legal notice advertisement to announce a change in the office location.
  • Amalgamation Notice: An amalgamation notice ad is booked to declare the merger of two or more companies. 

Public Notice Classified text advertisement is Simple run on line (ROL) ads these ads cost the least. However, at extra cost, the visibility can by enhancing the background colour, adding a screen or border or using bold type. 

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