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Divya Himachal Name Change Classified Ad Booking Online

Book Name Change Classified Ad in Divya Himachal Newspaper at lowest rates. There are several classified Ad rates, offers and discounted packages to available to select from in Divya Himachal for Change of Name Classified Ad Booking.

Reasons for publishing Change of Name Advertisement in Divya Himachal Newspaper:

  • After a woman’s marriage
  • In case of woman’s re-marriage after divorce
  • Spelling mistake in case of difference between birth certificate and school-leaving certificate
  • In case of a child’s adoption
  • Due to the influence of numerology or astrology
  • In case of change of religion
  • Because of change in vocation like films
  • Due to personal fancy

To make the change legal, the first step is get the local notary public to make an affidavit mentioning the specific reason for changing the name. Next, take copies to two newspapers as one local and one national, to publish the ad.

It publishes name change classified ads in divya himachal that are simple run-on-line (ROL) text ads charged on a per-word basis.

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